Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes’ Eye-Catching Kitchen Cabinets Are a Color You’d Never Expect

published May 17, 2024
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Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes on colorful background
Credit: JC Olivera and Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Barbie turned Ken’s world upside down, but in the real-life drama of design, Ryan Gosling is stepping up as the leading man — and flipping the script with his kitchen cabinet colors. Breaking away from the typical whites and neutrals, Gosling and his wife, actress Eva Mendes, infuse their kitchen with a burst of sunshine, specifically on their kitchen cabinets. 

Nestled in their sprawling Santa Barbara farmhouse, the famously private duo highlights their zest for life with vibrant yellow cabinets. Yes, really! While some might raise an eyebrow at such a daring choice, the infectious vibrancy it brings to the space is impossible to resist.

What sets these yellow cabinets apart is their ability to breathe new life into the couple’s retro-inspired vision. Teaming up seamlessly with their vintage oven range, these cabinets inject heaps of personality into the kitchen. With a splash of vibrant color, they’ve transformed what was once a basic concept into a lively, whimsical wonderland. And let’s not forget the matte finish, which elegantly contrasts with the glossy black countertops, creating a captivating vintage charm that’s totally fresh.

To replicate their sunny kitchen cabinet colors, you’ll want to opt for warm and inviting shades like Farrow & Ball’s “Babouche” or Benjamin Moore’s “Hawthorne Yellow.” These hues radiate cheerful energy while still exuding sophistication, perfectly complementing the couple’s nostalgic-meets-modern vibe. “Hawthorne Yellow” offers a timeless, buttery hue that adds a cozy warmth to any space, while “Babouche” boasts a deeper, more golden tone, channeling vintage glamour. 

Both shades play well with different design elements and lighting setups, offering plenty of versatility to achieve whatever your desired look may be. Plus, their undertones blend effortlessly with various materials and finishes, making them the ultimate picks for re-creating Mendes and Gosling’s iconic kitchen style. With these fun colors in your arsenal, your kitchen cabinets are sure to steal the spotlight and become the star of your home.

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