A Scandinavian Design Collector’s Playful, Classic & Contemporary Home in Copenhagen

published Apr 26, 2018

A Scandinavian Design Collector’s Playful, Classic & Contemporary Home in Copenhagen

published Apr 26, 2018
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Name: Rasmus Warnke Nørregaard, his wife Maria and four children (Alberte, Viggo, Vega and Arthur)
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Size: 1614 square feet
Years lived in: 10 years, owned

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This is the home of serious furniture collectors. Rasmus Warnke Nørregaard is the CEO and founder of Everclassic, an “online marketplace for beautiful Scandinavian vintage furniture, ceramics, art and other design objects.” Their aim is to share access to the vintage designs found in local Scandinavian shops. Not only are furniture replicas not accepted at Everclassic, you won’t see any in the home he shares with his wife Maria and their four children (Alberte, Viggo, Vega and Arthur).

“I love our apartment in Copenhagen,” writes Rasmus. “It is located near the water and the harbor, something I truly treasure. It is a really old building and especially the floors are amazing. I love to walk around barefoot and to feel more than 100 years of history underneath my feet. The apartment has many doors, which adds a lot of charm. When my kids run around, I never know out of which door they will show. The entire apartment building is always filled with kids playing, and the front doors to the apartments are always open. It brings a lot of life to the building, which I love.”

Rasmus and his family have been living in the 1600-square-foot apartment in the Østerbro neighborhood of Copenhagen for 10 years, and it’s clear they have a passion for Scandinavian ceramics and modern furniture. You’ll see classic pieces from well-known designers like Arne Jacobsen, Hans J. Wegner and more. But you’ll also see a mix of sleek contemporary pieces like furniture from Hay. A ceramics collector for many years, pieces from Rasmus’ collection are sprinkled in nearly every room. You’ll also spot some surprising objects, like toys! Rasmus may take modern furniture design seriously, but he’s adamant that home shouldn’t be quite so serious. “Obviously, I take good care of my furniture, but I do not own furniture that is never used. I don’t want to live in a museum.”

Apartment Therapy Survey:

Our Style: My style is pretty relaxed and Scandinavian. I appreciate that guests can see that the furniture is not for show, it is used. Obviously, I take good care of my furniture, but I do not own furniture that is never used. I don’t want to live in a museum. Art is a big passion of mine and a big part of how I have decorated my home. Some people refer to my style as “playful.” I think maybe because I mix my toys with my ceramics collection in the window sill.

Inspiration: I find great inspiration in interior design magazines from the 1960s. It was more honest then, and not filled with sponsored placements of home decor items. I look at trends around me and absorb them in the way I decorate. The last time that happened was on a Scandinavian Airlines flight. I was inspired by their combination of textiles, which I incorporated in my own decor at home.

Favorite Element: I really love my ceramics. I have been a collector for many years and spend way too much money on extending my collection. I am particularly drawn to Danish and Swedish ceramists. Their stringent form language suits my decorating style well. It is hard to find the rare ceramic pieces, and the hunt is a big part of collecting. Ceramics add a boost to the interior and brings life to a home.

Biggest Challenge: We are six people in quite a small space, which is challenging, when you want to surround yourself with nice furniture. I have had to limit myself and only display the pieces that are the most important to me. As of now, I have 70 chairs in my attic and had to cut down my collection of ceramics. I am not nervous about my furniture or ceramics. Everything is out and used daily.

Proudest DIY: I am the proudest of how I built a company out of my hobby and passion for vintage furniture. I have always loved decorating and creating special interiors. With my job I get to look at the most beautiful furniture and designs every day. Everclassic.com is a platform of selected sellers of vintage furniture, lamps and other Scandinavian design, making it possible to buy local vintage design in Scandinavia even from the other side of the world.

Besides that, I am very proud of my bookcase. I love the feeling of a library. There is something safe and soothing about books. It adds an international feel and the proper “New York look.” I created and built my bookcase myself. It is floor to ceiling and I found the modules at the Danish carpentry, Aage Brunn & Søn. It is important that you make the bookcase go from floor to ceiling in order to create one big surface. Every day I look at my bookcase, and I am so happy.

Biggest Indulgence: I love my desk. It did cost a lot more than what I would normally pay for a desk, but I fell in love with it straight away. It is not that great to sit at actually, but it doesn’t matter, the feeling I have, when I sit there, is hard to describe. It is very special to me. The table is teak and designed by Arne Jacobsen.

Best Advice: I am crazy about toys and I buy as many toys for myself as I give to my kids. I use a lot of the toys when I decorate, which brings a lot of personality to the interior. Buying the right furniture is super easy, it is much harder to give your home a personal feel. My tip would be to let yourself be inspired by your hobby and to include it as part of the interior. And remember great lighting. Bad lighting can ruin everything.

Thanks, Rasmus and family!!

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