The Rose Family Mansion from “Schitt’s Creek” Is for Sale

updated Feb 4, 2021
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Here’s your chance to live like the Rose family… before they set up shop in Schitt’s Creek. 

The sprawling, 24,000-square-foot French Chateau-style limestone mansion that served as the original home Johnny, Moira, David and Alexis Rose in the hit Canadian TV show “Schitt’s Creek” just hit the market at a whopping $14.98 million. Let’s just say we’d do anything to score this luxe pad, whether it’s getting taken hostage on David Geffen’s yacht by Somali pirates for a week or escaping the Yakuza. 

Dubbed “La Belle Mansion,” a title that’s carved into the exterior second floor balcony, the massive estate is located in the York Mills and Bayview area of Toronto. Spanning three stories, the 12-bed, 16-bath property was built to resemble Versailles, even though it was just built in 2012. A glance at the listing photos will take you back to episode one of “Schitt’s Creek”, when a maid cascades down the grand marble staircase and opens the double doors only to find a bevy of Revenue Agency employees ready to take the home back. 

“I’ve been stripped of every morsel of pleasure I’ve earned in this life!” matriarch Moira Rose screeches as she hauls of luggage through the second-floor balcony, which is adorned with stunning balustrades and intricate frescoes inspired by the Sistine Chapel. “How do you think I feel, Moira, Eli was family for god’s sake!” Johnny Rose replies, referring to the family’s business manager who took all of their assets and fled to the Cayman Islands. 

An expansive dining room has oversized windows, a fireplace, and an incredible crystal chandelier overhead. Don’t miss the huge kitchen, which boasts its own dining area, as well as a spot to watch reruns of “Schitt’s Creek” on the huge overhead TV. You’ll notice the same intricate ceiling designs there, as well as every modern amenity you could desire ranging from crystal chandeliers to a large center island. What a perfect spot to “fold in the cheese.” There’s also an 8-seat home theater, wine cellar, fitness room, indoor pool and sauna.

The downstairs area, which isn’t seen on the hit show, is equally as extraordinary. With blue lights cascading throughout, it’s the perfect spot to host large-scale events. You know, like the type Alexis would host before she was picked up by the South Korean police on New Year’s Eve, or when she was in a Ugandan diamond smuggler’s villa playing pool for her friend’s freedom. 

Sadly, you’ll no longer see the massive portrait of the Rose family that hung in the foyer as they hear from their accountant how much of their wealth they’ve lost. But luckily for us viewers, it’s there the Rose family discovered they bought a small town in 1991 as a joke, and comedy TV gold was born. 

The listing, which is represented by Khoren Mardoyan of Homelife/Vision Realty, hasn’t been off the market for too long. In fact, just two years ago it was listed at $19.88 million. So in that case, we’ve chosen to see it as technically a bargain. It’s no Rosebud Motel, but it’s certainly a keeper.