5 Super Easy Command Hook Hacks for Last-Minute Holiday Decorating

published Dec 20, 2019
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Is it just us, or has this holiday season felt extremely short? There’s a pretty strong chance you still haven’t made your home into the holiday wonderland you dreamed it could be, but fear not! You can still make every inch of your space feel dripping with cheer, and with not a ton of extra effort, thanks to Command hooks.

In case you don’t already know, they’re a renter’s dream. They’re easy to put up without any tools, make no holes, come in various sizes that can support up to eight pounds each, and are a breeze to remove once they’re no longer needed. And all those qualities make them perfect for last-minute holiday decorating, too, especially if you want to add a little extra cheer before having family or friends over. If your halls are not feeling decked enough, we’ve got you covered—check out some of our favorite easy, party-ready hacks below.

Credit: Lynette Rice

Turn holiday cards into pretty—and memorable—decor

Hanging your collection of holiday cards from friends and family makes for instant decor that’s personal, festive, and (best of all) basically free. Instead of letting them pile up, hang them for all to see when they come over—especially if someone who sent you a card is paying you a visit! This display by Lynette Rice uses string tied between two clear Command hooks, plus clothespins to hold the cards in place. Once you take this down for the season, you can keep all the components to use next year, too.

Hang wreaths in unexpected places

Your bathroom’s probably over there thinking, “Every other room has fun decorations except for me.” No more! A grocery-store wreath hung from a bathroom mirror will make it feel festive in about two seconds. To hang wreaths on her mirrors, Tracey Amadio uses clear outdoor Command hooks—the hook itself is totally hidden by the greenery. Don’t leave the bathroom behind next year!

Add greenery over doorways or on walls

Erin Francois uses 7.5-pound Command hooks to hang her greenery without having to put nails in the wall. Total time: just ten minutes, and it’s a perfect solution for any parts of your tree that may have fallen down in the past few weeks.

Hold stockings over the fireplace (or anywhere else that’s looking bare)

If you haven’t hung stockings yet (or have a few last-minute guests joining in on the fun), skip the nails. Allison Hepworth uses Command hooks for stockings for an easy-remove solution. Make sure you pick a weight that will be strong enough to hold the stockings once they’re full. Or, use Command hooks to hang fun decorative stockings somewhere unexpected—think staircases or entries.

Credit: Command

Create an easy, space-saving tree display in every room

Who says your living room is the only space for a tree? Grab some scissors, trim some clippings, and create this fun mini tree that can go anywhere (and everywhere). To make this wall-hung Christmas tree, hang a pair of Command hooks about a foot or a foot and a half apart to serve as the base of the tree. For the next row up, hang the hooks a bit closer together. Repeat until you get to the top of your tree, which should just be one hook. Then, hang boughs from each set of hooks. Accent with a few hanging ornaments, with the assurance that no pet or kid could knock any off.

You can also make this tree bigger, depending on your space. If your boughs are sagging, hang a middle hook to help support them. Then, let your friends and family ooh and ahh while you sit back knowing this project took only minutes.