This Family Built a Secret Kitchen Slide Under the Counter

published Jul 24, 2022
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Clean, Modern Design Kitchen
Credit: Rob and Julia Campbell/Stocksy

Basements have the reputation of being scary, creepy, or just downright unpleasant, but one cleverly-placed indoor slide has one family’s basement evoking fun and excitement instead.

Instagram account @spoiledrottenhomes, whose owner is a contractor, has shared videos of their latest remodeling project: a kitchen with a hidden slide under the counter. Their videos show a seemingly ordinary kitchen with a teal kitchen island. Nothing unusual at all — that is until they open the cabinet door, revealing a giant hole inside. The homeowner then goes down the slide, ending up in the basement at the other end.

A before-and-after shows the difference between the old kitchen and the new one. The contemporary look makes the space fresh and inviting, while the slide adds an element of entertainment, whereas the old kitchen had none.

As for the basement, the clips show it being quite empty, leading the account’s followers to speculate on the owners’ plans for it. “Make a ball pit,” one comment said, while others suggested the family use the slide as a laundry chute to make the chore easier.

Not everyone agreed with the idea, though. There were concerns about someone hitting their head on the counter’s edge. And, since a basement is involved, there was still paranoia about monsters using the slide as a tunnel. 

“All I could I think about is. What if it’s 3 a.m., you’re half asleep and just grabbing a drink from the fridge and you hear a noise coming from the basement?”

Still, a secret slide in the kitchen is a neat idea, especially for a family with young children. Any chance they could fit a swing set and monkey bars in there, too?