This Kitchen’s Secret Pantry Door Makes Grocery Day So Much Easier

published Jul 25, 2023
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There’s nothing better than a secret passageway or trick door that leads to something unexpected. Those doors disguised as bookcases in old haunted mansions come to mind. Haunted mansions aside, one person on Instagram has one of the best secret doors you’ll ever see (besides the wardrobe door that leads to Narnia, that is) and it’s saving their backs, arms, and hands on grocery day. 

Located underneath her countertop, Kelsey from The Hightower Home Instagram account had a secret set of pantry doors installed that look totally unassuming. But behind those doors is another secret door that opens to her garage.

So, when grocery day comes around, she can simply unload the groceries into her secret cabinet without having to lug everything from the garage into the kitchen. 

And if you’re curious about what this little space looks like from the garage, Kelsey flipped the POV around to show off just how clever the secret spot is. You’d never know it wasn’t a regular lower cabinet.

Last year, the “Costco door” was going viral on TikTok — a trend where people were adding doors from their garages to their pantries for big Costco-sized grocery runs. The fact that this one opens up under Kelsey’s counter is even more fun. 

“Door for groceries? I’d never use the main door again,” one person commented on Kelsey’s post. Another added, “That is amazing!! Time saver for sure…!”

But someone just had to play devil’s advocate: “If you’re not dislocating your fingers trying to bring in every grocery bag at once are you even bringing in groceries?” So true.

And even when you’re not using the secret passage for grocery drop-off, the open space between the two doors is great for when you need to hide away bulky appliances or other clutter when guests come over. 

Kelsey’s secret door may not lead to an enchanted world or a hidden staircase that leads to something mysterious, but it definitely makes life so much easier. It’s the epitome of working smarter, not harder.