Watch This Family Discover a Secret Room Behind a Wall in Their Closet

published Nov 1, 2022
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It turns out that Narnia is real. Well, sort of. A family went viral on TikTok because they found a hidden room behind the wall in their coat closet. Sadly, Mr. Tumnus wasn’t waiting on the other side, but an interesting electrical setup points to the fact that something sneaky was meant to happen in this hidden space.

After seeing light coming from a drill hole next to a bracket in the closet, the family sensed something fishy was going on. The dad decided to poke through the wall to see what was back there and discovered an LED flood light on a carpeted floor. Before diving in head first with the demo, the family double-checked their house’s blueprints to ensure they weren’t missing something.

But the blueprints proved that there shouldn’t be another room behind the closet, so the investigation went forward.

The dad used an axe to demo a bit more of the closet wall, and finally created an opening big enough to get through (he sent his daughter in first to investigate) and found that the room was intensely wired up and, in the ceiling, was a recessed lighting setup that definitely was overkill for such a small space. 

So, what the heck is this place?

The comments section was all in agreement: “That would be a grow room” (a.k.a. a room for growing marijuana).

The previous homeowners likely built this secret space to do business, with the lighting perfectly arranged for grow lights and the electrical box could have been for extra lighting or even a camera system for security. Then, when it came time to sell the property, the sellers didn’t want the grow room to detract from the home’s value, so they closed it up behind the wall. 

It’s unclear why the flood light was left on, or why the space wasn’t just converted into a walk-in closet before selling. But the current owners now have a bit more extra storage space than they anticipated.

It’s not as exciting as finding a magical realm beyond your antique furs, but it will do.