Secrets to Effortless Style from Stunning Spanish Homes

Secrets to Effortless Style from Stunning Spanish Homes

Adrienne Breaux
Jul 15, 2016

Colorful patterned tile floors, tons of plants and gorgeous natural light—I have been in awe of the stunning Spanish homes we've featured on Apartment Therapy. They aren't just inspiring to look at (and feel envious of), they hold secrets of decorating effortlessly—things you can incorporate into your own home (even if you don't live in Spain).

Play with patterns on the floor

Some Spanish homes have jaw-dropping tiled floors in every room of the house. And while I think adding beautiful patterned tile to your home is a great idea anytime, the lesson to really learn from Spanish homes is that playing with pattern on the floor can really pay off when you're aiming for that "effortless yet fabulous" look.

By choosing a patterned floor surface—tile, paint, carpet or rugs—you create energy throughout the entire room. But most importantly, you'll be able to decorate the rest of the room as minimally (or as maximally) as you want. Making such a bold design choice takes the pressure off the rest of your decor (and you!), so you can take chances with accessories, rearrange often or casually toss throw pillows on an old couch—the room will always look great because pattern on a floor is a powerful visual statement.

Use plants high, plants low (plants in between)

It's how the plants are arranged in Spanish homes that adds to an effortless feel. Plants are placed and hung at different heights. They're layered in front of each other, leaves obscuring other leaves. Their climbing vines and wild leaves instantly breathe a feeling of effortless style into a space. Windows and doors are kept open when the weather's nice, too, connecting the indoor plants to the greenery outdoors, blurring the line between inside and out.

Go with warm, earthy color palettes

Ocher yellows. Terracotta reds. Mossy greens. Pale, floral pinks. The colors seen in the wall colors, furniture and accessories of Spanish homes pay homage to the vibrant (and sometimes subdued) colors found in nature. Architecture stands out. History is hinted at. And the whole home feels grounded and serene, like a retreat. It's this calmness that lends to a room feeling effortless.

Mix what you love

Textured textiles drape on furniture made for lounging—beds used as seating in living spaces or deep sofas covered with cushions. Plants and accessories hang from ceilings. Architectural quirks are embraced or simply ignored. There's no single "style" of furniture. There is a focus on the one-of-a-kind look that's created when you mix together a home full of things you love.

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