The Self-Care Habit You Should Add to Your Routine, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published Feb 28, 2021
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Self-care has become quite the buzzword. It’s not just your yoga teacher preaching the importance of “you time” anymore — from your workplace to ads on Instagram, everywhere you look people are hopping aboard the wellness bandwagon. But the irony is, not only is the vital history of “self-care” being erased in the process, but two in three people don’t actually take the time they need to put themselves and their health first anyway. 

Perhaps you feel guilty taking time for yourself in the first place. Other people may feel overwhelmed by all the fads and products out there promising to make them feel their best. After a few days of trying something, it may feel more like a chore or a luxury they don’t have time for, so they quietly ditch it. (Cue the self-shaming.) What this may suggest is that a lot of people don’t know how to practice self-care properly.

Here’s the thing: many of us focus on the outcome rather than prioritizing what’s needed in the moment. For example, “If I do this, then I’ll be able to focus better” or “If I wake up at 6 a.m. every day, I’ll feel less anxious.” When you’re thinking of how you’ll feel later, you’re focusing on the future instead of staying in the present. Putting your well-being first is the best way to show yourself love. After all, taking space for “you” is key to managing stress and making more aligned decisions. Creating a healthy practice shouldn’t feel like extra time or energy spent — it’s something that feels easy and natural to add to your daily routine. 

What better way to do that than to look to the stars? Your zodiac sign says a lot about who you are and understanding it can help you feel more grounded. Carving out time for yourself should be playful, healing, and fun. Find the simple wellness habit aligned with your sun sign (or moon sign, which rules your emotional world), and see why adding it to your routine will make you feel better from the inside out. 

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Aries: Engage in a full-body workout

What says “headstrong fire sign” more than a heat-building workout? Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of strength and aggression — and just like the components of a good workout itself, you’re both high-energy and high-intensity. Chances are, you have your toes dipped in many different areas right now at work and at home, leaving you a bit scattered. A full-body workout that’s challenging and motivating is the stress-reliever you need to channel excess energy and redistribute your focus. Sweat it out with cardio or with something strengthening and sculpting like Blogilates for at least 15 minutes a day. A good burn is a symbol of your strength and willpower, and a reminder that focusing on yourself yields productive action.

Taurus: Light a scented candle before bed 

You work hard and love to indulge your luxury-loving soul. However, when the focus is placed on material objects, self-care can feel more like instant gratification. Tapping into the sensual energy of Venus is the key to a positive practice that feels both healing and empowering. Smell is a big incentive for you — it not only lights up your pleasure centers but can also trigger positive memories and emotions. Before you go to bed, light your favorite scented candle (of course, you have plenty). Close your eyes and tune into what thoughts, feelings, and sensations arise. This meditative moment puts your focus on the moment as you revel in the little luxuries that make you feel most alive. 

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Gemini: Vent to your journal

Ever feel like your thoughts race at the speed of light, it’s hard for you to even keep up? As the community-builders of the zodiac, your superpower lies in your big ideas and the ability to communicate them. You can easily feel scatterbrained when out of balance, which is why your journal is great for channeling your passionate energy. Take your pen to the page (or fingers to the keyboard) and free-write for around 15 minutes daily. Limit your distractions so you can achieve that magical flow state. How does it feel to be absorbed in the moment? Avoid trying to “solve” dilemmas and instead stay present with a thought until it’s fully fleshed out — this is where the clarity comes. 

Cancer: Start a morning crystal ritual

Because you are sensitive and prone to picking up on the vibes of others, it’s important to nurture your inner well-being. Your empathetic nature and listening ear means many people tend to dump their problems onto you. While you love to support the people you care about, you also need to give to yourself and receive from the universe. Tap into your intuitive abilities with a morning crystal ritual where you set the tone for your day. You can use several crystals to call in different healing energies whether it be wealth, clarity, or protection. Place the crystal in your hand or over the chakra you want to open up, take some deep breaths and visualize your intention for the day. Check out this book by the co-founders of Energy Muse for simple, everyday rituals. 

Leo: Shake your booty

We all know you’re the main character, so you might as well as embrace it. As one of the most playful signs of the zodiac, self-expression and not taking yourself too seriously helps you unwind. Not to mention, since you’re ruled by the sun, you have plenty of vitality to exert into your many different passions. Adding in a dance break to your daily routine allows you to connect with your inner child and level up that contagious confidence. Whether you try a TikTok dance-a-thon, a hip-hop dance workout, or something nostalgic, you’ll feel great engaging your body for a cardio sesh and mental break. Plus, you’ll make even bigger moves once you shake things out. 

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Virgo: “Tidy up” each day

You are hard-working, practical, and have the capacity to do just about anything (see: Beyoncé, the ultimate Virgo). With your organized to-do lists and knack for detail, you know exactly what needs to get done — but you can easily lose your cool should something feel “off.” Cleaning is extremely meditative, as your external environment is a mirror reflection of your inner state of mind. You thrive off of routines to begin with, so make a habit of returning items to their designated places at the end of the day. Whether it’s clearing your workspace or hanging up clothes in an organized fashion, reflect on the day’s events and what made you happiest and most fulfilled while doing so. 

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Libra: An aesthetic-driven yoga practice

You’re like a cup of hot cocoa on a chilly day: Sweet, warm, and comforting. You also tend to be a big-time people-pleaser, which makes your own “me time” fall to the backburner. While you appear collected and balanced on the outside, your inner state may be flooded with self-doubt and second-guessing yourself. A yoga practice as simple as this 10-minute morning series is just what you need to ground yourself — especially when you take the time to “Libra-fy” it. Set the vibe with candles, crystals, and of course, a playlist that speaks to your soul. The more connected you are to your space and how your body inhabits it, the more positive energy will flow through you. 

Scorpio: Start your morning with a one-card tarot pull

Determined, imaginative, and emotionally intelligent, you have a magnetic aura about you. You can also be quick to pull out your Scorpion stinger should you get irritated, which, when you’re out of balance, feels like everyone and everything drives you up a wall. Slow down by accessing your intuition with a daily tarot card pull. Set aside quiet time each morning, and as you shuffle your deck, think of something you want to know from the cards. When you pull your card, reflect on its meaning using your own judgment first, then if you wish, consult an online database to guide you. Be sure to keep a record of the cards you pull (either in your journal or on your phone) so you can track patterns and draw meaningful insight.

Sagittarius: Take a daily walk (but change up your routine)

Your optimism and ability to see the big picture help you maintain a positive mindset and outlook. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and opportunity, you’re genuinely excited about all the possibilities that life brings. However, you get restless and bored quickly, which can lead to skimping on self-care — which is why you should make your habit an adventure itself. Going on a daily walk serves as both a meditation and a way to satisfy your wandering soul. Spending time outdoors also comes with a multitude of benefits, from decreasing anxiety to increasing brain function. Feel the breeze on your face, notice the sounds and smells around you, and let your thoughts flow through you within every step. Be sure to change up your routine to engage your senses in new ways.

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Capricorn: Write daily intentions

You are the ultimate boss: Ambitious, disciplined, and practical. Because you are dedicated to your work and pursuing a larger goal, you also hold yourself to high perfectionistic standards. While this can be a blessing and a curse (on your watch there’s never a typo), self-care for you is about zooming out and checking in with yourself. Take the focus off of results and outcomes by writing daily intentions. What do you need in order to feel nourished and fulfilled? How can you “do” less and “be” more? Remember, these are guiding principles that will bring you into alignment with your true desires. Since you likely have a productive morning routine already, do this first thing when you wake up. Then, keep your intention in mind as you work out, make your coffee, and go about your day. 

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Aquarius: Go on airplane mode for an hour

Unique, unconventional, and a bit of a rebel, you like to dream up new ideals to create justice in the world. And being the visionary you are, your mind is very overactive. It can be hard to stay grounded between the news, social media, and keeping up with your friends in the group chat. A great self-care practice for you is a digital detox, where you go on airplane mode for an hour a day. You are an air sign, after all, and this allows you space to breathe and process all that’s in your mind. So, what do you do for an hour without a screen? You may try going for a walk, cooking, reading a book, or doing a puzzle — anything that puts you in a flow state where your mind, body, and spirit are connected. 

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Pisces: Start your day with a water ritual

Water is sacred to your Piscean soul. Ruled by Neptune, the planet of spirituality, you have a strong connection to the cosmos and feel deeply for everything and everyone a part of it. Nourishing your own well-being helps you set boundaries and balance your inner world. Set aside time for yourself in the morning to make sure you get your first of several glasses of water that day. You don’t need to gulp it all down, either. This quiet time is great for reflecting on what you want to let go of and setting an intention for the day. Your body functions best when it’s hydrated so you can feel clear, sharp, and purpose-driven in everything that you do.