Self-Cleaning Hair Brushes Are Real, And They’re Less Than $15 Each

published Jul 20, 2019
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If you’ve ever spent a few minutes cleaning the hair out of a hair brush you know it can be… well, less than pleasant. At best, the process is just a little bit annoying and tedious. At worst, it ends in tiny strands of dirty hair all over your bathroom floor and sink.

It’s an experience that makes you wish there were such a thing as a self-cleaning hair brush—and it turns out, there is! And like most random yet helpful tools these days, it’s only one click away from being yours via Amazon.

In fact, Amazon is selling not one, but two self-cleaning hairbrushes at the moment, both of which have surprisingly positive reviews (although one does seem slightly more popular than the other).

The Qwik Clean Self-Cleaning Hair Brush pretty much looks like your standard paddle brush, except maybe a tiny bit bulkier. The white-and-silver brush is good for both wet and dry hair, and includes a cleaning process that’s as easy as pressing a button. Literally, though, all you do is press a button and the bristles retract so that any trapped hair is released instantly. (Obviously, you’ll want to be standing over a trash can when you do this.) According to the tool’s description, this mechanism “keeps the brush hygienic and clean from parasites and damaging chemical build-up.” Yup, not having to pull clumps off hair out of the bristles yourself isn’t the only major benefit of this brush, apparently.

Not sure if this brush will hold up to your hair if you have super quick hair? Just read a couple reviews and you’ll probably feel better about the Qwik Clean brush. Commenter Sarah S wrote, “The bristles are really strong, even with really thick hair like mine you can get right into the roots, which I actually don’t get often with brushes. I’ve been using for a week and already had quite a bit of hair, and it came off really easily. A lot less gross than pulling it from a brush.” 

If you mainly use a round brush, then don’t worry, because there’s a self-cleaning version of that, too. While the Ideaworks Hair Brush has fewer reviews than the Qwik Clean brush, it offers the same easy-to-clean feature. Instead of using a button, the brush has a hair remover ring that you manually slide up the bristles to remove built-up hair. Its reviews are admittedly mixed, but some are certainly positive. Reviewer Stephanie wrote, “Love this product!!! Great if you have a lot of hair and are tired of cleaning out a traditional brush.”

Both brushes are fairly affordable, with the Qwik Clean brush coming in at $12.95 and the Ideaworks brush costing only $6.23, so if you’ve been looking for an easier way to remove hair from your brush, it may be worth ordering one or both of the brushes to try out. After all, anything that results in less hair on your bathroom floor and more in the trash is almost definitely worth it.