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This Serene WFH Space Is Like a Stroll Through a Peaceful Garden

published Apr 12, 2023
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Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

Picture it: It’s early spring, and the season’s first flowers are blooming. The air is warm but still a little crisp, with a tranquil, fragrant breeze. We’d love to hang out in this idyllic scene all day long, but since that’s not exactly practical, we’re settling for the next best thing: bringing this serene, sweet-smelling seasonal vibe into our decor.

We asked Isha Verma — a data scientist by day and avid DIY-er and thrift store upcycler by night — how she’d welcome the seasonal shift into her space. We loved her Floral Tranquility mood board so much that we started thinking about how to use it in the real world! So here’s a simple small-space refresh that’s inspired by springtime colors, textures, and scents — because scent is one of the most powerful ways to set a new tone in your space.

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

Inspired by Isha Verma’s subtle and soothing living room update, we created a work-from-home space with a similarly serene springtime vibe. Isha leaned into earthy neutrals and a mixture of delicate patterns that feature fresh fruit for an updated take on spring botanicals. Her finishing touch? The Air Wick® Scented Oils Peach & Nectar scent. This plug-in device offers an early start to spring with fragrances that keep your home fresh (and echo Isha’s decor choices).

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

“Seasonal decor can be an opportunity to get creative and personalize your space,” Isha says. “It’s a chance to experiment with new colors, patterns, and textures.”

We took her advice, clearing a desk of all the little distractions that can accumulate throughout the week. To this clean slate, we added a rounded lamp in soft pink, which echoes the fresh fruits and buds of the season and emits a lovely glow. A peach-pink glass vase holds a seasonal pop of greenery, while a small desk clock and coffee mug in complementary colors carry on the theme. And a patterned rug in a neutral color palette adds visual interest without overwhelming the look.

Credit: Photo: Rikki Snyder; Stylist: Ashley Toth

And why not enjoy every little detail of your desktop? Small touches like gold-plated scissors and rosy washi tape are office supply upgrades that cheer up even the most mundane tasks. A muted green planner and fresh notebook help keep you on schedule. Add a textural catchall for pens and pencils, and your desktop stays fresh from 9 to 5 — right down to the scent of Air Wick Scented Oils® Peach & Nectar.