Seth Rogen’s Ashtray Display Is Museum-Worthy

published May 11, 2022
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Credit: Kathy Hutchins/Shutterstock

Having started a company dedicated to weed and weed-themed home accessories, Seth Rogen obviously appreciates the value of a good ashtray. In fact, he picked up ceramics in order to craft what he believes to be the perfect ashtray. 

But Rogen also appreciates the beauty of ashtrays of yore, and his Houseplant headquarters in Los Angeles is actually home to the largest collection of vintage ashtrays in the world.

“These are a small sampling of our vintage ashtrays,” Rogen told Architectural Digest during a tour of the Houseplant house. “We, at Houseplant, have one of the largest vintage ashtray collections in the world. That being said, [it’s] not something a lot of people are jockeying for, [so] you at home could probably become the owner of one of the world’s largest vintage ashtray collections. But for the time being, we have a lot of them.”

“We find them inspirational and they’re great to have around,” Rogen said. “A lot of them are Italian. Not shockingly, Italians leaned into smoking with style,” he joked, adding that many of the ceramic ones are from California. “LA had a big ceramics moment in the ‘70s.”

And the colors — orange, olive greens, mustard yellows — all meld together so perfectly on the open display shelves to create a really groovy centerpiece of the space.

Despite loving the way these ashtrays look, Rogen admits he doesn’t find most of them to be useful for daily smoking. “I like an ashtray that has a deep well,” he said, holding up an example he sells through Houseplant. “You can rest your joint there. You can put a bunch of roaches in there and you don’t see them. You can carry it around and ash doesn’t blow everywhere.”

Credit: Houseplant

As overlooked as they are, Rogen and the Houseplant team prove that ashtrays are absolutely works of art. And they may have just given themselves some competition for that “largest vintage ashtray collection” title.