6 Shipping Container Homes You Can Buy on eBay, Starting at $15K

published Nov 28, 2018
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1. eBay was originally named AuctionWeb. 2. A grilled cheese sandwich with what looked like an image of the Virgin Mary embedded in the crust once fetched $28,000 on the e-commerce site. 3. You can buy your next home (or an addition to your home) on eBay.com.

Does this sound like a set up for the game “two truths and a lie”? Well, we’re here to tell you that these are all cold, hard facts about eBay. That’s right: The same site you use to sell your Beanie Babies also happens to sell those trendy shipping container homes. (This probably isn’t too surprising to those who can recall when entire towns in California and Texas were for sale on eBay).

Successfully bidding on a shipping container module happens to be the easy part—setting one up can be an entirely different story. You may need to handle electrical and plumbing hookups, check in with local zoning and permitting laws, play nice with your HOA if you’re planning an expansion, and keep in mind some of these hidden costs. (Oh, ship!) If you’re up for a major DIY project, you can even buy your own shipping container and start from scratch. We’ve spotted some on eBay that start around $1,500. (Oh, ship!)

Here, some of the most impressive shipping container living and entertaining spaces for sale on eBay:

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Attention party people: This might look like a regular, ole’ modular shipping container. But… it’s got a party trick: Both sides fold down to create a large platform, ideal for a gathering space. The doors can be raised and lowered with an onboard battery (which, BTW, can be charged by a solar panel).

What we’re getting at? You could have your own trendy backyard pop-up bar. Or, if you’re trying to launch your side hustle, this could double as a mobile venue for a boutique, yoga studio, or musical stage.

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What would you do with an extra room in your home? Make it a home office so you could truly perfect your “work-life balance?” Turn it into a yoga studio or a home gym? Create a cozy home library?

Well, if your HOA is A-OK with it, this 20-foot custom shipping container will help you carve out more space. You get to choose finishing details like exterior and interior colors, patio door size and location, as well as what type of flooring you want—and it only takes about 30 days to completely build. It comes with a smoke alarm, power outlets, LED recessed lighting, circuit breakers, and more.

But, factor in travel expenses: A road trip to Portland and large truck might be in order because the maker doesn’t ship the shipping container.

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The makers of this 160-square-foot container home will let you check in on a webcam to watch the progress of your build. When complete, the shipping container comes with one bedroom, a bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, a living room with wood flooring throughout, and a fold-down deck. Also included is a generator and water tanks.

Want to someday hit the road? ModEco, the Michigan tiny home builder that makes this home, has a patent pending for a transportation system that allows buyers to turn their container home into a mobile RV.

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Don’t mind us: We’re imagining a rooftop garden with fresh mint plants to pluck for caipirinhas in the summer. Outdoor living space—including a rooftop accessible by a ladder and a small patio—is among the amenities that make this 197-square-foot shipping container home stand out.

It looks like the makers are marketing this unit as an easy set-up Airbnb rental to add to your property, if space allows. (Friendly reminder: Check first with your city and neighborhood to find out what kind of permits you’d need before purchasing.)

The home is 24 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9.5 feet tall. It comes with heating and cooling, plus one bedroom, one bathroom with a shower, a kitchenette, a mini living room, a washing machine, and a fridge.

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This built-from-scratch shipping container home is 320 square feet and looks like the main image when completed. Billed as turnkey, it comes fully insulated, equipped with plumbing, filled with little extras like an installed towel rack in the bathroom.

It takes about 60 days to build. Buyers even get to choose the color they want their new shipping container homes to be blast painted.

The 320-square-foot container home is 40 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 9.5 feet tall with one bedroom, one bathroom with a shower, a kitchen, and a living room. *Whispers* Everything your in-laws need when they come to visit.

(Image credit: eBay)

You might think of shipping containers as industrial and cool. But luxury? This 40-foot duplex is out to convince you that shipping containers can be luxe. With a total of 1,280 square feet, it has four bedrooms and four bathrooms split between two units. This turnkey shipping duplex comes with artificial wood on the outside, is fully insulated, has plumbing set up, and modular cabinets installed. With a price tag flirting with nearly a half million, financing is available (which is rare for tiny homes!)

Also, the units are separated so you could rent one side out to help cover costs of your shipping container castle.