Simplify DIY with BuildDirect

published Oct 24, 2013
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In the dark and despairing days before the internet, embarking on a DIY project meant lots of weekend visits to home supply showrooms in hopes of finding materials that fit both style and budget. Luckily, the building supply chain has evolved for the better, and sites like offer a more direct link to manufacturers for big discounts on home renovation supplies. Have you been putting off a project because you’re short on time or money? BuildDirect helps you save on both, so your design dreams could be closer than you think.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Below Budget, Above Expectations

BuildDirect sources directly from manufacturers in order to offer top-quality home improvement products like flooring, outdoor pavers, patio furniture, siding, and countertops at prices up to 80% lower than what you’d pay offline. They also offer a generous number of free samples, top-notch customer service, and a 30-day return policy (return shipping included, phew!).

Another thing we love about BuildDirect is that they add new products to their roster every week, so the selection on offer is constantly up to date. To show off their newest products, they’ve launched Find It. Keep It.

(Image credit: Apartment Therapy)

Find It. Keep It. is a weekly treasure hunt on that gives you the chance to find (and, yes, keep!) big-ticket home improvement products like hardwood flooring, backsplash tile, and patio furniture for free. The product selection for Find It. Keep It. is driven by your most popular pins, so you even get the chance to choose what’s given away!

Here is how you can find it free:

  • Each Tuesday, BuildDirect’s new products page is updated and an email is sent out to Insiders’ Club subscribers with the latest offerings.
  • Throughout the week, help drive the Find It. Keep It. product selection by pinning your favorite products to your Pinterest boards using #finditkeepit and @builddirect.
  • Every Friday, the hunt begins! At a random time, the week’s Find It. Keep It. top pinned products are released on the site. (Sign up for BuildDirect’s Insider’s Club email to get an alert a few hours before the free products go online).
  • Find an item labeled “Get It First” with a “Free” banner to snag a free product!
  • Find It. Keep It. is completely free to participate in, and shipping of your items is also included. (U.S. & Canada only)