A Singapore Apartment Exudes Warmth With Bold, Jewel-Toned Colors

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Teal sofa with two large gold-framed art pieces above

Name: Noah Naima Wahid
Location: Bukit Batok, Singapore
Type of home: Housing and Development Board (HBD) Flat
Years lived in: 2 months, owned

Tell us a little (or a lot) about your home and the people who live there: Not one to follow the whole minimalism movement, I always feel that a home should always be a home: warm, inviting, and open. One that exudes a big warm welcome after a long days at work, an inner sanctuary where you just can relax and unwind from the outside world. And the very way to do that is to have pieces and items within your home that hold a significant meaning and/or family photographs and/or heirlooms that gives the place a sense of belonging and is a part of you. I’m not afraid to use bold colors that some might find “scary,” but that’s just me. So if you would describe my home to me or anyone that walked into it… they would know that it’s Noah’s home.

My identity is definitely reflected in this place. The color palettes, the trinkets that I get and keep from parts of the world, and even down to the artwork that I hunt down online and offline. I made it my quest to find pieces that resonated with me, and it definitely paid off, especially when working in a creative background. There are pieces within the home that are collector’s editions that deserve to see the light of day, and there is also old vintage China from my great grandparents that is used as decorative purposes as well. If there isn’t the old, there will never be the new. So it’s a juxtaposition of both worlds colliding into one with a tasteful, modern take… and I’m loving every nook and cranny.

Describe your home’s style in 5 words or less: From H-D-B to O-M-G

What is your favorite room and why? I’m very much into shades of green, and I do strongly feel that with the right amount of light, a bedroom with dark walls, like my guest room, makes a perfect room. One should never be afraid of dark-colored walls within a bedroom, with a small hidden sound system, and lastly some scented candles to create an ambiance of pure bliss and relaxation. The best room has to feel like a multi-sensory experience for all five of the senses.

What’s the last thing you bought (or found!) for your home? Candles! I can never get enough of candles. I love to put different scents within different rooms to trigger your sense of smell. Smell plays a very important part as it reconnects you and also reminds you of places (like that hotel that you stayed from that holiday that you love) that brings you joy, memories, and relaxation. I especially love Tom Ford’s “Oud Wood candle,” Shanghai Tang’s “Ginger Flower Candle and room spray,” Overose Paris’ “Nympholia candle,” and my all-time favourite Diptyque’s “Feu de Bois candle.”

Any advice for creating a home you love? There’s a saying that I always believe in, which is “Luxury is a matter of taste, not necessarily money.” I designed this place by myself without an interior designer, and I worked closely with my contractor and/or project manager. I strongly believe that a luxurious home doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg; it just comes with taste and how much time you are willing to invest in hunting for the best tiles and substituting that expensive chandelier from the St. Regis (that you’ve always wanted for your home) to something that has the same vibe from your weekend hunts.

And building the perfect home starts NOW! It takes time, so start getting a scrapbook or a Pinterest or maybe even easier, create a folder in your phone that’s just solely for “home inspirations” that you build up through the months or years. Getting your dream home (sans interior designer) is a difficult task, and not to mention very time-consuming, having to relay your visions to the contractor and/or project manager and having them understand what you want the outcome to be. It will make it easier if you have some picture references to show them the final look that you would like to achieve and also creates a guide for yourself so that you won’t steer too far or get too caught up with something new that comes along. Don’t follow the trend. Follow your heart and what you like in your home.

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