Would You Go All in on a Single Bold Color in Your Home?

published Dec 27, 2022
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You likely decorated your home in a palette of several different colors — perhaps bold and bright hues; deep, saturated tones; or an array of calming neutrals. But what if you made a bold move and, instead of multiple colors, emphasized just one in your home? 

Sarah and Gregory Jackson decided to fully commit to the color green in their New York City apartment, choosing to do so in order to brighten up their home in comparison to the outside world. “We have discovered that having those earth tones throughout the space is such a great way to make it feel full of life during the harsh NYC winters,” Sarah told Apartment Therapy during her house tour.

Green appears in various shades throughout their entire apartment, including on the wallpaper, pillows, lamps, and even their dog crate. The green seeps into the kitchen, as well, with a darker shade for the kitchen tiling backsplash. Of course, the plants are green, too.

When Sarah couldn’t find a bookshelf in the color she wanted (ahem: an earthy green), she painted one herself. “It was actually an IKEA hack that I DIYed after a few months of intense searching for a bookcase that not only perfectly fit the space but was also the color I wanted,” she explained in her house tour. “Because of its massive size in comparison to other pieces, getting the correct color to ground my color scheme in the apartment was critical, so I use the bookcase as a sort of ‘color anchor’ for the space.”

Credit: Viv Yapp

In another even bolder example, Tania, also known as Ms. Pink, used her namesake color as inspiration in her London home, incorporating pink from floor to ceiling — literally. She has a hot pink couch, a pink fireplace, and pink shelving. 

While the color choice may be shocking to some people, Tania loves the decision she made. “The best thing we ever did was not to limit the amount of color in our home; it’s made us feel so happy,” Tania shared during her house tour. “The rest of the world may feel gray at times, but it’s always colorful here! People are always surprised when they visit that it actually feels much calmer than it looks. In the evening when we go for more subtle lighting, it’s actually a really comforting feel.” 

Her tip for choosing a color for the home? “It’s really useful to paint a large piece of paper in your chosen color/colors and place it on the area you want to paint to see how it looks at various times throughout the day,” she suggested. “Lighting can make colors look different at different times of the day.”

So tell us: would you decorate your home in only one color?