This 400-Square-Foot “Little Gem” in Lisbon Is the Perfect Home for a World Traveler

published Jul 2, 2024

This 400-Square-Foot “Little Gem” in Lisbon Is the Perfect Home for a World Traveler

published Jul 2, 2024
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Alexis Angela always knew she’d one day have a place to live of her own somewhere other than the United States. “Every now and then, I’d Google ‘What countries can Americans own property in?’ and Portugal was always a top contender,” she begins. “Fast forward to 2021: I visited Portugal for a month and instantly fell head over heels.”

Alexis says she “dove into research” and decided to purchase in 2023. One day, she says she “woke up to a message from my lawyer: ‘OK, all done!’ Just like that, I’ve been living the dream ever since.”

Credit: Alexis Perry
"This is my life motto," Alexis writes. "Whenever I'm in a tough spot, I read it over and over. It brings me peace and clarity, helping me navigate whatever decision I'm facing."

The home she purchased is a one-bedroom 400-square-foot apartment in Lisbon’s Campo de Ourique neighborhood. “The area is charming, the apartment is cozy and easy to manage, and it was already renovated. All I had to do was wave my fairy decor wand. Now, I can jet off to my favorite city whenever I want and just be,” she writes of her home that she describes as boho, eclectic, curated, and warm.

“I love my spaces to be thoughtful, well-planned, and perfectly curated to match my vibe.”


Credit: Alexis Perry


  • Sofa — Kinda Home
  • Hide Rug, Raffia Wall Decor — Street Vendor in London
  • Coffee Table — IKEA
  • Stool — From Morocco
  • Throw Pillows — CB2
  • Shelving — IKEA
  • Mirror — El Corte Ingles
  • Decor Items — Mixture of Area and Items from My Philadelphia Home
  • Paint — Little Greene “Harley Green”
  • Art — The Poster Club
Credit: Alexis Perry


  • Paint — Little Greene “Masquerade”
  • Table — Venda Move
  • Chairs, Decor — IKEA
  • Stool — El Corte Ingles
  • Vase — Neighborhood Florist, Violeta No Mundo
  • Art — PSTR Studio
  • Chair Pillows — Maison Du Monde
Credit: Alexis Perry


  • Wallpaper, Artificial Plant, Chair — Leroy Merlin
  • Paint — Little Greene “Masquerade”
  • Bed Frame, Lamps — Zara Home
  • Green Quilt — Jungalow
  • All Throw Pillows + Pompom Throw — Amazon
  • BW Overlay — Repurposed, Shades of Light
  • Wall Basket — HomeGoods
  • Rug, Wall Decor — Etsy
  • Gallery Wall — Mixtiles
  • Framed Quote — Repurposed from My Philadelphia Home

Thanks, Alexis!

This tour’s responses and photos were edited for length/size and clarity.