Small Cool 2007: The Winners!

updated Oct 13, 2022
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We’re all winners. Congratulations to all the winners! We’d like to thank everyone who entered for sharing their homes with all of us and proving that SMALL is COOL. Thanks as well to our four fabulous judges, Kara, Michael, Jamie and Brad for choosing these winners.* And a big thank you to DWR for sponsoring the whole shebang.

1st Place: London Urchin’s Jewelry Box

Quotes from the Judges on London Urchin’s entry:

Kara:“I love this apartment because of its simple elegance. Its clean design works well with the small size, but the warmth makes it a comfortable home.”

Brad:“The custom cabinetry is brilliant and a clever way of making the most of a small space. Congratulations on scoring the Hans Wegner dining set on Ebay.”

The rest of the winning lineup is below the jump…

2nd Place: Laura’s Fresh Start Studio

Quotes from the judges on Laura’s entry:

Brad:”For under 300 square feet this place really delivers. Nice decor with a beautiful choice of colors.

Michael:”It’s the first place I saw on the site and by far my favorite. She did a great job making the apartment feel bigger than it is and managed to create nice individual spaces. It’s extremely “tight” and well thought out. I’d like to spend a long weekend here.

3rd Place:

Quotes from the judges on Victor & Soeun’s entry:

Kara : “This space might seem very simple because of the use of negative space and dominating white palette, but was very clearly designed with lots of thought. Everything in the room has a function so there is an overall calm to the space.

Michael: “You can’t go wrong with white! I like the way they embraced the use of a single color this way and it’s one of the few loft entries that still feels like a “loft”. You can collect quite the array of fun items when they are all in the same color. I could have easily moved this one up on my list.

4th Place: Ron’s Hotel “Sweet”

Quotes from the judges on Ron’s entry:

Brad:”I like the ‘hotel suite’ concept making this a gorgeous space. Great use of mirrors and lamps to make the apartment seem larger.

Kara: “The mix of neo-traditional and modern lines in this apartment gives it a mature, but funky vibe. The wall paneling and accessories add a refined layer to the space.

* A note on the judges decisions:

1. Each of our judges was instructed to choose their top four places in order. Each finalist was given points based on their choosing, with four for first place on down to one for fourth place. The finalists points were then totaled up to get the overall winner.

2. London Urchin was a breakaway favorite with the judges, whereas the next three places were all separated by one point. It was very close.

3. Jamie Gray sent in his votes, but – with regrets – was not able to send in comments due to his intense schedule with his shop in SoHo opening today.

4. Finally, our apologies for the mixup last night at DWR SoHo between third and fourth places. Ron DID indeed garner fourth place (as was originally stated), and Jill – in the heat of the moment – spoke up mistakenly with a correction which led to awarding Ron third place on the evening. Everything was confirmed afterwards, we spoke to Ron and he was very noble about the whole thing. WE (AT) will be awarding him with $250 to give him a monetary 3rd place as an apology for the mixup (it will definitely come out of someone’s Christmas bonus! ;-)).