Incredible Little Things You Can Do To Show Friends You Love Them

published Jan 12, 2017
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It’s always amazing when a pal goes out of her way to show you that she’s thinking of you, so here are some ideas on how to spread those fuzzy feels yourself. If you have a Thelma to your Louise, text her just as you’re turning off your alarm clock, or live for those happy hours you have after work, then show her just how much you care!

From sending them a little “thinking of you” card in the mail for no reason to showing up on their doorstep with treats, they’ll love it all. Below are nine ideas on how to show your friends you’re thinking of them.

1. Send Them Quirky Cards Through Snail Mail

These days it seems like our mailboxes only have a tendency to be full of bills, junk coupons, and wedding invites, so break the dull cycle by sending your friend a cute card for no other reason than you love ’em.

2. Get Your Bake On

Have a yen to bake this weekend but don’t necessarily want to eat a dozen cupcakes to yourself? Grab your batch (and whip together a jar of cocktails to match) and pop by their apartment for a fun afternoon in.

3. Go On New Adventures

If your friend is the type that needs a push to try something new, be the nudge that keeps her moving. Sign the two of you up for that cooking class or plan a weekend trip to New Orleans – she’ll love that you don’t let her stay cooped up with her Netflix.

4. Empower Them Constantly

How amazing does it feel when your friend sends you a song about a strong woman and says that it reminds them of you? Spread those kinds of feels by emailing them articles, sharing videos, or tagging them in inspiring Instagram photos, letting them know that those kind of empowering, strong qualities are what makes them someone you admire.

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5. Show Up With Dinner On One Of Their Hard Days

Say you got a long text at lunch time from your pal, saying that their boss is running them through the wringer. Or maybe you know they’ve been in a funk lately, and feel a little down on themselves and their situation. Show you’ll always be there to lean on by swinging by after work with dinner, no questions asked. Just come through the door and start setting up plates.

6. Come Over When It’s Crappy Out

If it’s raining or snowing, make a thermos of hot chocolate or spiked cider and come over for an evening of movie watching and catching up. Terrible weather turns fun when you’re with people you love.

7. Share The Small Things You Love About Them

If you point out that you love the way they always give you a blanket when you sit down on the couch (you’re so thoughtful!) or find their militant clock watching adorable (we have three more minutes to hang out before I call the Uber,) you’ll foster the sense that every little thing about them is amazing. Which, you know, it is. Compliment them loud, and compliment them often.

8. Send Them Little Things That Remind You Of Them

Does your friend have a Schnauzer they treat like a son? Swing by with a Halloween costume for the little guy just because. Or is she building a gallery wall in her living room? Send her a print you think will go well with her style. Little “just because” gifts make us feel like toast melting on butter inside.

9. Let Them Have The Last Slice Of Pizza *

*Sometimes. Because we’re not saints here.