This Adorable Mini Air Purifier Plugs into My Laptop and Keeps My Work Space So Fresh

published Jul 12, 2022
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Woman freelancer sitting on armchair and putting your feet on windowsill with plants, remote works on laptop computer at sunny home office, cat nearby wants attention and to be stroked. Top view.
Credit: Dima Berlin/Getty Images

I’m not one who can work in complete silence. But I also can’t work around music or television — I get distracted way too quickly. I need something to fill the void, sure, but it needs to be ignorable, digestible, wordless. I prefer the inoffensive humming of a fan or whirring of a machine. For me, this is where the beauty of air purifiers comes in.

My air purifier from Smoko gives me all the subtle noise I need to stay focused and keeps the air around me fresh. Plus, uh, it’s really cute. This little character looks like a boba milk drink, and in typical Smoko fashion, it’s as adorable as it is practical. It shows tiny black boba balls at its base, sports a cutesy smiley face, and even has a short pink straw on top to complete the look. And honestly, I like staring at it more than my glowing phone screen.

Credit: Kevin Cortez

But it’s also got the functionality I’m looking for in a personal air purifier, especially one that sits next to me all day at work. It has the glow of a blue UV light, which claims to help kill off bacteria, and a low fan hum that helps fill my room with sound, though a lowly one. Its underside has silicone padding that prevents surface scratching and fairly small holes to pull in air. The paint job on this thing does wonders with hiding its super small power button, in addition to the bottom piece that twists off and exposes the small circle HEPA filter —which you only need to change every half a year, by the way.

I’ve been working with this next to my laptop area for a cleaner, fresher feel while I’m typing away at my computer. I just plug it into my computer via its USB cord — which I can also plug in with a wall outlet and USB adapter if I choose — and let it hum while I’m writing. 

Credit: Kevin Cortez

No, this gadget isn’t a massive air purifier that cleans the air around my entire 800-square-foot apartment, and it may not fully protect me from airborne illnesses as much as more powerful machines either. But this little boba is small enough for me to stuff into my tote bag and whip out while I’m out in public or at a friend’s house. It stands at 5 inches tall and wide, and its 3-foot cord is easy to wrap up for travel. And despite its compact size, it’s still a comfort to have around while we’re amidst a pandemic. 

The Smoko Pearl Boba Tea Mini Air Purifier is fun and adorable, and cleans up the air around me with a gentle hum I need to hear for focus. Plus, it’s less than $40 to grab one yourself. I can’t think of a better work companion for those long hours staring at a computer screen.