This New Candle Is Based on a Best-Selling Fragrance That Once Had a Waitlist of Thousands

published May 19, 2022
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Credit: Snif

There’s a lot of talk about spring cleaning and refreshing your furniture between seasons throughout the year, but what about your home fragrances? I’m not saying that you have to be on the nose with obvious seasonal fragrances, but it’s nice to change it up or simply pick a staple scent that people associate with your place all year round. Candle shopping can be a whirlwind if you don’t know where to start, but one great way to nail down a candle you’ll love is finding a scent that smells just as great at home as it does when you’re on the go: Perfume. The try-before-you-buy fragrance company, Snif, launched their candle line last fall with three signature scents, and has now expanded their collection with a fan favorite. Snif turned their best-selling Sweet Ash fragrance, which had a whopping 8,000 people on the waitlist before its restock this year, into a new candle. Sweet Ash, in candle form, just became available today.

Described as a non-overwhelming sweet, spicy, and smoky everyday scent, Sweet Ash has notes of lily of the valley, cedar, cistus amber, cypress, tuberose, and sandalwood that radiate warmth and balance. It comes in two sizes: The 8.5-ounce candle has a burntime of more than 50 hours, and the XL four-wick 50-ounce version (for the superfans) has an impressive burntime of more than 200 hours. True to their word, Snif lets you test the scent with a seven-day trial before making a final purchase, giving you nose-time with the candle so you can decide if it’s one you want to keep for good. And if you don’t want it? Simply send it back, no pressure.

Shoppers are already raving about the Sweet Ash candle, and it’s getting high praise from those already familiar with the fragrance. “I love the Sweet Ash fragrance, just like basically everyone else,” says one reviewer. “I feel like the Snif team really listened to our feedback in asking and asking and asking for this scent to be put into candle form! Everyone I’ve talked to about this smell before says they wish it came in as a candle so we could enjoy it in our homes and not just on ourselves. I was wondering if this candle would be able to capture how great the scent is, and it does! I definitely see myself lighting this candle for anything and everything-from working at night to crying as I watch ‘This Is Us.’ Great job, Snif!”

Reimagined from such a well-loved fragrance, it probably won’t take long for the Sweet Ash candle to sell out, too. Snagging one today might be a good idea if you don’t want to end up on a thousands-long waitlist!

Buy: Sweet Ash 8.5 oz Candle, $44 ($0 for trial)