This Was Our MVP — Most Valuable Product — of 2023 (and It’s on Sale!)

published Dec 13, 2023
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Woman packing things in the suitcases
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There’s much to look forward to at the end of the year, and it’s not just limited to spending time with family and celebrating the winter holidays. Here at AT, we also enjoy recapping our top products of the year, of which there are always many. This includes looking back on the home finds that made our own lives better, as well as parsing through the data and seeing which ones also resonated with you, our readers. But despite how many bedding staples, cleaning supplies, and closet organizers we discovered and came to love, there can only be one best product of 2023. This year’s top performer was somewhat unexpected in the sense that it’s a travel product, but beyond that, we can’t say we were surprised to see how well it did. Indeed, our constant praise of the Solgaard carry-on closet spurred hundreds of orders and garnered lots of well-deserved hype. So what makes this innovative suitcase so widely loved? Allow us to elaborate.

What is the Solgaard Carry-On Closet?

With this travel essential, what looks like solidly built but ordinary hard-shell suitcase from the outside opens to reveal an expanding shelf system that’ll keep clothes and other personal belongings organized no matter what. Whether you’re just going out of town for the weekend or traversing across a continent for a month, you’ll be able to bring along everything you need and rest assured that your hotel room will also remain mess-free the entire time. Once you arrive at your destination, you can actually remove the interior five-shelf closet system and hang it anywhere; plus, the shelves also double as compression cubes, helping you divide your items into categories and preventing them from becoming jumbled. As for the suitcase, itself, it’s available in eight colors and either a medium and large size, both of which are accepted carry-on sizes on all U.S. airlines.

Of course, we also can’t forget to mention the other stellar features of the carry-on closet. For one, you get a built-in USB charging port, so you’ll never be stranded in a new city without phone battery. A three-digit, TSA-approved combination lock also keeps your belongings safe allows you to open the suitcase with a pinch, so you’re not left haggling with a faulty zipper. What’s more, smooth-gliding wheels will help you get from your cab, through security, and to your flight gate without a hitch, while the suitcase’s durable polycarbonate shell will keep the contents protected even if you end up having to check your carry-on.

Why We Love the Solgaard Carry-On Closet

Technically, it’s been over a year since we first tried the carry-on closet and fell in love with it. Specifically, Best List editor Britt never travels without it. Even though she’s owned the suitcase for a while now, it’s still nothing less than impressive, especially in its capacity. “Along with the shelving system, I found the zipper compartment of the carry-on closet to be wonderfully spacious,” Britt wrote in her review. “I was able to fit a large packing cube that was stuffed with three caftans and two belts along with my CHI handheld steamer into the space, and there was still room for a few small items. Best of all, I didn’t have to force it closed!” She also praised its durability, noting that the bag had sustained zero wear and tear after she had to check it for a flight.

You’ll also be happy to learn that the carry-on closet is not the only efficient offering Solgaard has for travelers. They also recently released a backpack version with a similar built-in closet, which is perfect for shorter trips and outdoor excursions. Of course, if you need something with more space, there’s always the full-sized check-in closet, which practically eliminates the need for a hotel closet.

Now that Solgaard is offering massive discounts on all of its bestsellers, there’s no better time to try an on-the-go closet, no matter which size you opt for. If our staffers and hundreds of our readers have anything to say about it, it’s that this is one purchase you won’t regret.