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Before and After: This $300 Nursery Redo Features a Stylish DIY That’s Fit for Adults, Too

updated Jun 3, 2021
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Credit: Fani Varna

Making a small space feel cozy and not cramped is a tough task. Tiny rooms often require a very specific furniture arrangement to make practical use of the space, and decor selection has to be intentional, lest the room end up feeling cluttered.

Of course, just because it’s tough doesn’t mean it’s impossible. Take this transformation of a tiny spare room from Fani Varna and her husband.

For Fani, her husband, and their kid, moving from a tiny apartment into a full-sized home two years ago came with tons of space perks, including this teeny bonus room with just one window. But with no decor, the room felt dark and claustrophobic, with limited potential. Then, Fani got pregnant again “and baby Apollo (a tribute to our Greek heritage) came along with some inspiration,” she says. 

Credit: Fani Varna

A baby nursery with a space theme seemed like the perfect project. Fani loves DIY, “and being pregnant didn’t stop me from getting this done,” she says. She decided to go full-on science theme with rocket ship wallpaper on one wall of the nursery.

For her, applying the wallpaper was the most difficult part of the entire project, and she recommends hiring a pro if you, like her, are using glue rather than peel-and-stick. In Fani’s case, she made a couple unsuccessful attempts before calling in pro assistance — and she wished she’d just called in the first place. A lesson for next time!

On the adjacent wall, Fani opted for a dark blue paint. When it was dry, she free-handed constellation designs using silver sharpies. (She admits they’re not all accurate or even real, but the designs look convincing!)

As for furniture, Fani opted for a white crib and blue rocker that’s fittingly accessorized with a “Star Wars” pillow.

Credit: Fani Varna

Now, the once bleak-looking room is a hangout not just for Apollo but for the whole family. Fani and her husband spend a lot of time with both their kids in this room now, “really maximizing the importance of the smallest room in the house,” she says. “I love how the room turned out to look. Hopefully, it’s very inspiring for my future space explorer.”