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One Part of Your Living Room You Only Have to Clean Once a Year

published Mar 29, 2021
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The phrase “out of sight, out of mind” is usually employed, at least in the context of cleaning content, to instill a sense of guilt, like you should be ashamed for not cleaning something you don’t ever see.

Shame is rarely a powerful motivator. And I’m not sure that every “out of sight” area of your home needs to be scrubbed within an inch of its life on a weekly basis. Sure there are spaces in the kitchen and bathroom where cleaning is a part of good home hygiene. But if you only get to the dust bunnies under your sofa once or twice a year, it’ll be fine (pending the presence of pets or kids who might crawl under there).

Whether you clean under your sofa regularly, or haven’t done it since you assembled the sofa, today’s a day to give that area one good, solid deep clean.

Let’s go…

Day 15: Clean the hidden spots in and around the sofa.

For today’s assignment, you’ll really just need a vacuum, and the upholstery brush attachment if you have one (plus maybe a wet mop if you want to really clean the floors under the sofa).

Here’s how to get it done:

  • Start by thoroughly cleaning your sofa in place. Remove all the cushions that you can and vacuum in and around every crack and crevice.
  • If you’re able, pull your sofa away from the wall so you can access the entire floor where it usually sits. (I realize this step is dependent on a lot of variables — space, ability, the size of your sofa — just do what you can!)
  • Pick up any large debris you see, then vacuum the area under the sofa. If you have a rug in this space, vacuum the rug itself, then lift it up and fold it over to vacuum the floor underneath as well.
  • If you’d like, now’s a good time to wet mop the floors in this space.
  • Before you push the sofa back into place, vacuum the sides and back of it with your upholstery brush attachment.
  • Push the sofa back into place and replace the cushions, then give it one more vacuum all over.

Today’s mission is quite a lift (kinda literally), so just do what you can. The goal is to feel good about finally cleaning this one “out of sight” place.

Taryn's Tips

Whether you’re vacuuming the floor or a cushion, you’ll get the best results by vacuuming the same spot in at least two different directions.

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