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Spend 10 Minutes Cleaning Today and Make All Your Mornings Better

published Mar 22, 2021
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Credit: Nathan Rigaud

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I have a confession to make: I let my bathroom get really filthy recently. The countertop was completely cluttered, the sink was backed up and gross, and the mirror looked like a Jackson Pollock painting if he switched his medium to toothpaste.

I didn’t mean to let it get so bad. It started with just a lack of energy (and a lack of concern). Then the more the mess piled on, the less I cared to clean it. But if you think I didn’t notice the state of my bathroom, you’re wrong. I noticed it in my general mood. I didn’t want to get up in the mornings to get ready for the day, because I didn’t have a clean space to get ready in.

But eventually, I cleaned it. And immediately I felt so much better. I wasn’t hitting snooze on my alarm. And I was enjoying styling my hair and putting on makeup — instead of feeling rushed or grossed out like I’d gotten used to.

If your bathroom is feeling like a chaotic mess, I hope today’s spring cleaning task helps a little bit. And if your bathroom isn’t a mess, today might just be a nice reset and re-commitment to your tidy habits.

Here’s what to do…

Day 8: Clean and clear your countertop or vanity.

Not everyone uses their bathroom the same way, so I say “countertop or vanity” because I just mean: the areas that support you when you get ready in the morning. What surfaces do you use, and what storage areas do you reach for? Those are the focus of today’s assignment. It’s part decluttering and part cleaning.

Credit: Nathan Rigaud
Super absorbent and machine-washable, the Microfiber Sponge Cloths Taryn uses are a reusable workhorse for whole-home cleaning.

You can tackle this prompt any way you see fit, but here’s my routine:

  • Start with any higher-up storage areas, like shelves or the medicine cabinet. Take everything off the shelves, discarding expired products as you go. (When it comes to medication and beauty products, always look up recycling programs or safe-disposal methods in your area.)
  • Wipe those shelves clean with an all-purpose cleaner and cloth.
  • Remove the products and tools from your bathroom countertop, too, or any other supporting surfaces, and wipe those surfaces down as well. You should be looking at a pretty bare bathroom.
  • Next, clean your bathroom mirror with a glass cleaner and a lint-free cloth.
  • Then scrub your sink faucet and sink bowl. You can use a cloth and all-purpose spray, or opt for bathroom cleaner and a scrub brush or scrub sponge if you need more power. (Don’t work too hard on the faucet today. Just get it “good enough” clean, since we’ll be polishing all our fixtures tomorrow.)
  • Last, replace your products onto your shelves and countertop. You’ll want to clean each of those things before you set them down as well.
Credit: Nathan Rigaud
The mighty little dots on Libman's Power Scrub Dots Kitchen & Bath Sponge remove gunk easily while treating your surfaces kindly. Once you're done, the sponge rinses clean quickly.

If this routine doesn’t apply to your space, think about how to finesse it so it does. The general idea is to clear everything out of the area, then work top to bottom cleaning your surfaces, before putting everything back.

Taryn's Tips

Give yourself a spring cleaning gift for next year: When you bring a new grooming product into the bathroom mark it with the day you bought it, so you’ll know if you’ve had it past its shelf life.

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Credit: Nathan Rigaud