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This One-Two Punch Is How You Tackle the Most Satisfying Part of Spring Cleaning

published Mar 27, 2021
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As legend has it, the reason spring cleaning is even a thing is because the warmer weather allowed people a chance to leave their windows open and clear from their homes all the collected detritus from the shut-in winter months.

Windows are a pivotal part of spring cleaning. And probably the most satisfying part, too. When you deep-clean your windows, it’s not just about streak-free glass. It’s about carefully clearing dust from each blind, properly washing the curtains, and digging away at that gunk in the window tracks (whatever that is — I choose to let it remain a mystery).

When it comes to this little-at-a-time Spring Cleaning Cure, rather than give you one short assignment to clean all the windows, I split it into two. Today, we’ll deep clean the windows in the living room, then in a few days, we’ll do the same for the bedroom. By splitting the work up, I hope you feel empowered to go a little deeper in each area and get a really satisfying result.

Let’s jump in…

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Day 13: Clean the windows and window dressings in your living room.

What you do today depends on what kind of windows and window dressings you have. Here are some steps and tips that might help — pick and choose what applies to you!

  • Clean your curtains. You can remove them from the window and toss them in the wash, if they’re machine-washable (read the tag!). Or leave them to soak in an oxygen bleach bath in the sink or tub before hanging them back up to dry at the end of today’s assignment. Or, if you have a clothes steamer, you can steam them in place. Just do something to refresh and clean the curtains.
  • Clean your blinds. Window blinds are so intricate and get so dusty. My favorite way to clean them is with a dusting glove (or just pull a sock over your hand), gripping and wiping each slat.
  • Clean the window glass. Use a store-bought glass cleaner, or equal parts white vinegar and water, and spray all over your windows. Then wipe with a lint-free microfiber cloth. Do a second pass with a totally dry cloth, and use pressure to get a streak-free shine. If you’re able, clean the outside of the windows as well.
  • Clean window tracks. With the windows open, vacuum your window tracks. Then grab a detail brush or an old toothbrush and scrub away at the tracks and other hardware around your windows. Apply your favorite all-purpose cleaner as needed until the tracks and hardware look clean.

It’s your spring cleaning challenge, so do this task as thoroughly as you’re able to today — but stop at the living room. We’ll handle the bedroom windows next week. And you can put any other windows in your home on your spring cleaning list for later. The Cure is all about working fast and hitting the hot-spots, so don’t burn yourself out!

Taryn's Tips

The secret to streak-free glass is a lint-free cloth, not-too-much cleaner, and wiping with plenty of pressure.

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