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It’s Time to Give These Forgotten Kitchen Surfaces Some Much-Needed Attention

published Mar 16, 2021
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Horizontal surfaces get all the attention. It’s hard to ignore a dusty shelf or the splatters dotted across a countertop. But I promise, those are not the only places in the kitchen getting hit with the collateral damage from your cooking.

Sure, you probably wipe off the backsplash when it gets hit with a glob of tomato sauce (or maybe you don’t — no judgement here). But the backsplash, walls, and cabinet fronts around your kitchen deserve some love too.

So for day two of this spring cleaning adventure — and day two of our five days in the kitchen — let’s focus on those vertical surfaces…

Credit: Cat Meschia

Day 2: Clean the walls, backsplash, and cabinets in the kitchen.

There’s no right or wrong way to clean your kitchen’s vertical surfaces. But if it helps to have a system, I’d recommend you work clockwise around the kitchen, from top to bottom. So grab your favorite all-purpose cleaner and a rag, step into the kitchen, turn to your left, look up, and go.

You’re looking at the vertical surfaces, so you might see a cabinet front, or a piece of the wall, or part of your backsplash. Whatever it is, spray and wipe. Then work your way down. You can tackle the entire surface, or work in arms-length sections. I’m really over-explaining this, I know. The goal is just to get you thinking about the surfaces you often ignore. Just stay focused and look around your kitchen, wiping every inch of vertical surface you can see.

Your cleaner and rag should be enough to tackle most of the dirt you encounter, but if anything is especially grimy, try using a scraper-type tool (I love a simple razor blade), or introducing dish soap (nothing is better at beating grease and grime).

Taryn's Tips

If it’s hard to spot smudges on your cabinet fronts and tile, grab a flashlight or take a photo with flash from different angles to get that deep spring clean.

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