Spring Cleaning

The “Flip and Fluff” Routine is the Best Thing You Can Do For Your Furniture

updated May 3, 2019
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(Image credit: Jessica Isaac)

Our spring cleaning journey has been about turning over some lesser-cleaned leaves and refreshing your space to feel brand new for the season ahead. So in many ways, today’s assignment is symbolic of the whole shebang. We’re going to be flipping and turning, revealing a fresh new face for some of the most-used and much-loved parts of your home.

Your sofa and bed see a lot of action day to day. And if you take good care of the places where you park your bum, they’ll last longer and look better for many years to come.


Flip and Rotate Sofa Cushions and Mattresses

There’s no magic recipe for this simple mission. Just work around your space in parts.

First, in the living areas, pull the throw pillows off your sofa (and any cushioned chairs, too—they get the same treatment, but I’ll keep writing “sofa” here to keep it simple). How you fluff and flip from here depends on the design of your sofa—some have cushions that can’t be flipped, or shaped cushions that fit only in one particular place on the sofa. It’s like a fun puzzle you’ll have to solve, but the idea is to flip, turn and rotate each piece into a brand new position. The goal is to reveal fresh fabric and rotate cushions throughout different positions that get different amounts of wear (everyone’s got a favorite spot on the sofa, yeah?). Don’t forget that you can switch cushions on an identical pair of chairs, for instance, if one gets sat in more than the other. Once you’re through, drop the throw pillows back into place, giving each one a quick fluff.

Next, grab a friend and move to the bedroom. The mission here is to spin or flip the mattress. For really even wear, experts recommend a steady routine of both: after a few months, spin your mattress head to toe, then after a few more months, flip the mattress over completely. It’s up to you which you’d like to tackle today, but giving your sleeping spot this simple refresh will give your mattress a long and comfortable life.

Whew! One more day left in this spring clean! How is your space feeling?