6 Smart Ways Design Pros Refresh Their Homes for Spring

published Apr 18, 2019
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Break out your favorite sundress and a bottle of rosé: Spring is officially here! Not to knock the other three seasons, but there’s something about the temperature slowly but surely rising and the sun staying out for longer that makes us really, really happy. But before we spend the foreseeable future embracing all that Mother Nature has to offer, we need to cater to our homes.

For all intents and purposes, yes, our home’s design scheme works year-round; however, there are small tweaks we all need to make to our space to give it a spring-friendly feel. Maybe you want to swap out your flannel sheets for a linen set. Perhaps you need to set up your outdoor space for this weekend’s barbecue. And, of course, every home could use a heavy dose of spring cleaning.

To help get you and your space ready for this sunny season, five design experts are sharing how they prepare their homes for spring.

1. A Breath of Fresh Air

“I get new filters for all my humidifiers, [and make sure they’re] clean and safely put away so I don’t have to worry about next year. Probably best to do after [those] ‘April Showers.’ I also get new potted plants. Plants literally help clean and purify the air in a natural way, and we often need that in New York City!” Brett Helsham, interior designer

2. Something Old, Something New…

“The change in seasons always inspires a need to clear up our living spaces. One easy (and rewarding!) way to streamline the clear-out process is by consigning old furniture and home goods. Whether you’re looking to say goodbye to larger pieces that are getting in the way of your project, or have already finished decluttering and now have a number of items you no longer love, consigning is a great, sustainable way to keep great design in circulation.” — Elizabeth Brown, CEO of Sotheby’s Home

“Bring in the season of growth by adding new bed sheets, decor, fresh plants, and scented candles. Part of prolonging the love for your home is alternating the vibes throughout which in turn rekindles the draw.” — Julien Albertini and Alina Pimkina, co-founders of Asthetíque Group

3. Flower Power

“I can’t stress enough how powerful of a tool it is to bring in fresh florals into your space, and pull up all the blinds, and leave them up. Let that sunshine in!” — Tracy Lynn, founder of Tracy Lynn Studio

4. Carpet Cleanse

“Depending on how much foot traffic goes on in the house, I recommend getting the carpets cleaned. You’d be surprised how much dirt dampens the rug and make the color seem faded.” — Brett Helsham

5. Down to a Science

“I keep a clean and tidy house, but once a year we do a deep clean the week spring officially begins to start the new season off right. I have a system set up that I follow year after year that I call my 1-2-3 Spring Clean because it takes three days to complete (if you have help from your family). I’m kind of a nerd at heart, so I have it broken down into days and even hours. I start on the outside and work my way in, starting by pressure-washing my entire house, then my driveways and walkways.

The next day, I begin with my reduce-and-recycle program. I go through every drawer, shelf, closet, and bin and give or throw away anything I can’t use, shouldn’t keep, or is broken. On day three, once we’ve tackled the exterior, reorganized inside, washed all the bedding, dusted, and cleaned the floors, we focus on one-off projects. I usually vacuum my drapes once a year, just to keep them fresh. I also like to clean out my vacuum cleaner and the inside of my appliances. I’ll even use this time to replace light bulbs and filters, clean out the fridge, and organize the pantry.” — Jade Joyner, co-founder and principal designer of Metal + Petal

6. Color Me Happy

“It’s time to uncover the patio furniture, lighten up the muted tones and breathe new life inside your house with the warmth and colors of the outdoors. Small changes can transform your space, inspiring a new, brighter perspective that lasts through the summer.” — Tracy Lynn