This TikToker’s Stairs Have the Best Hidden Storage Solution

published May 18, 2023
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If you’re looking to free up space at home, this hack is literally a step in the right direction.

Earlier this week, TikTok user @samjamesj posted about a hack that involves turning your stairs into a home storage solution. In the following video, you see a staircase; nothing out of the ordinary, nothing conspicuous about it at all. He then slips his hand at the bottom of one of the steps and surprisingly lifts it, revealing a hidden shoe rack within.

As it turns out, he had repurposed his stairs to double as a secret compartment. It’s a brilliant idea for people who want to reduce clutter, but no longer have the closet or drawer space to stash the items in.

It’s not only for footwear, either — you can basically hide anything in there, from toys to books to even bulkier objects such as this vacuum cleaner:

Most of his followers loved the unconventional concept. “No space waste, I like it,” said a commenter, while someone else added: “We’ve had it done. Best thing ever.”

Others had jokes, too. “Those shoes would simply cease to exist the second I close that for the first time,” reads a comment. Another said, “I don’t need another closet for my cat to run into when I open it.”

For those planning to install such a storage solution, consider hiring a contractor. This is a fairly advanced DIY project that will affect the durability and safety of your staircase, so it’s best to leave the construction of it to the experts. You can learn more by consulting with U.K.-based Smart Space Stair Storage.