This Modern, Stylish Standing Desk Transformed My Work-From-Home Experience

published Mar 8, 2022
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Credit: Photo: Joe Lingeman; Prop Styling: Stephanie De Luca

For the last eight or so years of freelancing full-time, I haven’t had a consistent home office setup. Instead, I’d hunker down with my laptop at the dining room table or a tiny vanity tucked into the corner of my bedroom, then wonder why I always had a neck ache. Moving into our new house last year was the perfect opportunity to reset my work habits. There wasn’t room for a dedicated office, but I still wanted to feel inspired by my workspace and figure out a more ergonomic setup

There’s a bedroom off our living room we use as a family room — it’s set up with a couch and media center, and some of my favorite decor (read: plants) in our home lives there. After a few months in our house, I started to dream up a little office space in the corner of the room. I faced two challenges: The alcove that would fit a desk wasn’t huge, and I also didn’t want a clunky, cheap-looking piece to ruin the space’s aesthetic.

Then, I stumbled upon the Kana Pro Bamboo Standing Desk, which seemed to check all the boxes. It’s customizable — you can pick the desktop shape and size, along with the color of the frame. I immediately envisioned the bamboo desktop with a white frame tucked in my soon-to-be-office alcove and hoped the measurements would work. The 48 inch desk was the perfect size!

I’ve been using the desk for a few months, and it’s hard to express how much value it’s added to my life. I’m a little embarrassed I didn’t prioritize this sooner, because I actually look forward to work now that I have my own dedicated space. For one thing, I’ve been embracing a much more ergonomic setup: My husband mounted my monitor on the desktop, so it raises up as the actual desk does. I end up using a chair most of the time, but my muscles love the ability to stand and work, and I’m experiencing way fewer tension headaches. (Raising up the desk is as easy as touching a button. I won’t say my kids don’t love playing with it.) 

Credit: Arturs Budkevics/Shutterstock

It’s amazing how much more productive I’ve been with the new desk, too. There’s plenty of surface space for my to-do lists and the multiple drinks I sip on all day, and I’m creatively inspired by the sunny window and plants next to me (as opposed to dirty breakfast plates and last night’s mac and cheese). 

Of course, the desk adds visual value to my space, too. I love the simple, modern look that totally matches with the rest of my house. Plus, I decked it out with accessories that match the room’s aesthetic — a woven tray and rainbow mousepad from Target that spark joy every time I sit down, plus this wall-mounted shelving set from The Container Store. 

If you’ve been entertaining the idea of creating a dedicated workspace, this may be your sign to take the leap — and consider a standing desk if you haven’t already. It’s such a simple change, and the Kana Pro Standing Desk is the best thing that’s happened to my work routine this year.