People Want This Cat Paw Starbucks Mug So Badly, They’re Fighting In Stores

published Mar 3, 2019
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Have you ever wanted a limited edition item so badly, you were willing to fight someone for it? If you answered yes, you don’t need to feel too guilty for that, because you’re not the only one. Apparently, people are so obsessed with a new cup released in Starbucks in China, they’re actually getting into physical altercations in stores.

Starbucks has many stylish mugs and tumblers available for sale at each location. Stores in cities often have “You Are Here” mugs, that are decorated with symbols and icons that represent that area. The coffee chain has also sold rose gold tumblers that everyone wanted to add to their gift wish list.

According to INSIDER, Starbucks in China released its cherry blossom-themed 2019 spring collection this week. The collection appears to have many beautiful items in it, but the real star is the “Cat Paw” mug. The 6 oz double-walled clear mug looks normal on first glance, but it is designed to look like a cat paw when liquid is poured inside. Cat lovers across the globe collectively freaked out when the first images of the glass were unveiled.

Reports of fighting surfaced shortly after the cup debuted in stores in Starbucks in China. It would seem people want this cup so badly, they are actually willing to brawl inside of a Starbucks to get this cup. Can you imagine trying to order a Venti latte while all of that is going on? Videos surfaced of people fighting in line over the adorable cat paw mug. According to Beijing Daily, the cup retails for CN¥199 (US$30) in stores.

Now, you don’t actually have to live in China to get this cup. And obviously, even if you did live in China, it sounds like these cups are hard to come by in stores. Rather than run the risk of getting into a fight or argument in stores, you can actually find these for sale on eBay. You can find the Sakura cat paw mug for varying prices on the reseller website, starting as low as $14, with many priced around $25, and some more expensive options top out around $38. If you do plan to buy one from eBay, you’re going to want to check and see if the seller has good reviews and positive feedback on the site.