This Unique Tray Is What Your Living Room Is Missing

updated Jun 4, 2021
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Even maximalists can’t stand clutter. The reality is that nobody likes to open a cabinet only to be faced with a messy avalanche of knick-knacks and accessories. But any design aficionado knows just how hard it is to pass up special pieces — and that’s why I love Statement Home‘s trays.

These ingenious trays let you change up your aesthetic without actually buying more trays. The So Cal brand sells acrylic trays in clear, white, and black, and each one comes with reversible inserts that can be swapped anytime you need a refresh. They also come with a bamboo charcuterie insert that lets you transform your display tray into a serving tray or cheese board. (The bamboo is treated with an eco-friendly, food-grade finish that makes it safe to eat from.) 

In my own home, I rely on the clear acrylic tray for a range of things. Though the spacious 20-inch tray regularly moves around my apartment, it typically lives at my desk, where it comfortably captures all of my coffee cups, snack bowls, and random odds and ends.

If I need a change of scenery while I work, I usually move to the couch or the bed, and the tray lets me bring my coffee mug. It sits companionably next to me on the couch cushion or bed duvet cover. In doing so, it eliminates the need for me to reach over to the coffee table or nightstand.

Credit: Marlen Komar

And because I like variety, I sometimes skip the inserts all together. To up the versatility of the piece, I use placemats I already have at home — like this boho placemat I thrifted some time ago. 

Credit: Marlen Komar

Sometimes I move the tray into my dining room and use the funky cow print insert I bought for the tray. The contrasting print makes the room feel a touch busier, without feeling overwhelming. But if you’re not an animal print-lover, don’t worry: the company has inserts for any number of style choices. You can choose everything from faux marble, to geometric prints, to trendy palm leaves.

Credit: Marlen Komar

But my favorite party might be that bamboo insert it comes with. When I have company, I like to transform my tray into a functional serving tray, complete with cheese that pairs perfectly with my choice glass of wine.

Ultimately, this Statement Home tray isn’t just a chic design piece for me, but a life-saver in a small apartment. I don’t have a lot of cabinet or closet space, so it’s nice to have a few flat inserts I can store on the bottom of a shelf, rather than a cache of bulky trays I rotate from time to time.

If you like to have variety, or get bored with decor quickly, the Statement Home acrylic tray is a must-have. You can refresh your space with their playful inserts, or try incorporating some of your own chic placemats. The possibilities are truly endless — exactly what an amateur decorator like me loves to hear.