This is the Most Stressful Room to Renovate, According to One Study

published Jun 20, 2022
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Credit: Lauren Kolyn

Renovating your home, although rewarding, can be an extremely stressful process. The truth is, it’s unlikely it’ll be plain sailing the whole way through, but the ups and downs will be worth it in the end.

To find out which rooms of the house are the most (and least) stressful to make over, Toolstation conducted a study to find out people’s renovation regrets and how the process made them feel.

49 percent of renovators thought that the kitchen was the most stressful room to work on. This is likely due to the kitchen being the center of the home, and when it’s being renovated, cooking up a meal is going to prove challenging. Take out it is, then.

The second most stressful room to renovate, according to the research, is the bathroom. 22 percent of respondents sat that they dread bathroom renos, probably due there not being easy access to the toilet and shower. This, plus any plumbing or design issues make for a stressful time.

When it comes to the easy breezy renovation rooms, only 3 percent of respondents find dining room re-dos stressful. After all, not everyone has a dining room so it’s pretty easy to cope without one. Just skip the dinner parties for a while.

As for renovation regrets, 56 percent of survey respondents regret attempting any sort of DIY, wishing they had left it for the professionals, while 31 percent of say that they underestimate the likelihood of problems arising, wearing rose-tinted glasses and thinking everything will go smoothly. 16 percent of people say that they focused too much on the aesthetic, rather than functionality, when renovating, and 16 percent of people wish that they hadn’t automatically gone with the cheapest quote.

But in the end, 86 percent are satisfied with the finishing product of their renovation, which is the main thing.