12 Stylish Record Players Worthy of Any Spot in Your Home

updated Dec 18, 2023
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Don’t listen to anyone who tells you that the continued interest in vinyl is just a passing fad. According to the Recording Industry Association of America, 2021 saw over $1 billion in vinyl sales, marking the 15th consecutive year of growth and making it the biggest year for physical records sales since 1986. This means there’s a good chance that you are either one of two things: an already devoted record collector or someone who has been toying with the idea of starting your own LP collection. Whatever camp you fall into, there’s one thing central to any good collection and that’s a record player.

Looking for the perfect piece that won’t cramp your style? We went ahead and rounded up 12 of the most stylish record players on the market today that strike the perfect balance between style and function. And if you’re looking for an equally as stylish record storage cabinet, we’ve also got you covered.

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Any audiophile can tell you that when it comes to record players, Audio-Technica is one of the most trusted brands around. This chic find comes in a sleek black hue and features Bluetooth connectivity for a flexible listening experience with any speaker of your choice, wired or wireless, all with the high-quality performance you'd expect from Audio-Technica.

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Back in the early 2010s, suitcase record players were the talk of the town thanks to their style and easy portability; Luckily, they haven't gone anywhere. This affordable Victrola beauty is available in a whopping 18 colors — you're sure to find the perfect one to go with even your most colorful spaces.

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Burke Decor

With a look that feels right out of a Bogart film, the Crosley Rhapsody is not just a record player, it's a bonafide entertainment center. It's home to a turntable, CD player, and AM/FM radio not mentioned equipped with Bluetooth-enabled streaming and built-in stereo speakers.

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Fans of a 50s Rockabilly look will get a kick out of this retro-inspired Victrola. With a turntable, CD player, and AM/FM radio, there's no cooler way to listen to all your favorite music.

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Uncommon Goods

If you're looking for a real conversation starter going outside of the box may just be your best bet. This vertical record player not only suspends discs at a nearly 90-degree angle (turning your favorite music into a work of art) it also houses an FM radio (with alarm!) and anterior notch perfect for displaying the album cover as you spin.

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Got some space to spare? Look into a standing record player! This find features a classic style that can blend into any decor and comes in two stylish hues: espresso and oatmeal.

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If a record player with separate speakers is on your must-have list, you're going to love the Crosley Three-Speed Coda. With a look right out of the 70s, this turntable comes with dual speakers for a complete setup right out of the box. Not to mention, how lovely is that tinted dust cover and woven cloth paneling?

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Another record player sporting a vintage design, The Empire is a 6-in-1 wonder, with a turntable, FM radio, CD player, cassette player, Bluetooth, and a 3.5 mm Auxiliary/headphone jack.

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There's just something about this Crosley record player that just screams modern, doesn't it? Chic and minimalistic, the T170 features sleek rounded edges and a faux wood finish for an unbeatable look.

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With the ability to both stand on its own and be mounted to the wall, this guitar-shaped turntable is as unique as they come. Talk about a rock and roll setup.

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Urban Outfitters
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Not only does this Crosley record player look great on any table or bookcase, but it's also portable and can be moved from room to room when you want to play your favorite LPs or listen to music via Bluetooth. The wood and velvet design also adds fun texture to any space.

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The cremé de la créme, this Victrola multimedia center is the one for music lovers looking for the ultimate all-in-one setup. It comes with a turntable, CD player, cassette player, FM radio, auxiliary jack, headphone jack, recorder, and Bluetooth connectivity, all wrapped in a vintage look your great-grandparents would've approved of.