Create More Visual Harmony in Your Home

updated Jul 17, 2020
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What is harmony, when it comes to one’s home? Well, in general, it’s a feeling of peace and cohesiveness. It’s more than just feeling like everything goes together — it’s the sense that the whole space is better for every element in it. It’s a way to create a sense of calmness throughout your entire home that makes your life just a little bit better. And here are six ways to add more of it to your home!

Many of the ways you could create more harmony in a space involve mastering other important interior design principles. It can mean bringing order to a room that feels a little chaotic, but while still keeping the space looking interesting.

1. Achieve visual balance

If you’ve heard someone say something like “there’s too much visual weight” in one side a room, they’re definitely not talking about how many actual pounds there are. But making sure that one side of a room doesn’t look “heavier” than the other — say by having multiple bulky pieces or a dark color contrasted with a side that lacks furniture or color — will make the entire room feel balanced all around.

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2. Add more symmetry

Symmetry is a natural way to create the sense of order in a space — it will take care of visual balance but also create a rhythm that the eyes can pick up on. An easy way to make more symmetry is to invest in the idea of multiples, and have them match across a room or side-by-side. Curtains are a great way to create the look of symmetry. Matching chairs or a set of two couches can, too. Find a room’s center line and consider repeating matching elements across it — you’ll find that the room starts to make visual sense and feel more harmonious.

3. Include plenty of negative space

Too many design elements covering every visual surface can be tiring to be around — and to look at. It can feel chaotic. So intentionally leave room for the eyes to rest on negative space, or space that doesn’t have a lot of design elements going on.

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4. Carry the eye through the space smoothly

By connecting the design elements in your space visually using common characteristics, you allow the eye to move through your space smoothly, without jumping around. It doesn’t mean everything has to be matchy-matchy, but a room full of elements that connect to one another somehow visually will have a bit more harmony than one that is full of a lot of different looking elements that don’t seem to relate to each other at all.

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5. Ground seating arrangements

Actually it’s not just seating arrangements that need grounding visually. You should really make sure there aren’t too many design elements — furniture pieces, chairs, plants — that are kind of floating off on their own. That trick can certainly be eye-catching and sometimes just the thing a weird spot in a corner or a wall needs. But in general, harmonious spaces are ones where everything feels connected and cohesive. So use rugs to connect seating arrangements together. Connect far away design elements by layering throughout the space. Don’t let anything feel like its tethered away from the reality of your home’s design.

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6. Make sure most items have a purpose

One unusual way to achieve more design harmony (not to mention keep it clear of clutter) is to simply have a reason for items in your home. By having a purpose for the elements you bring into your space, you will connect them to the rest of the things in your home, and that will create some harmony. The story that comes from each item and your home in full will be translated visually. A space full of meaning will naturally have more harmony to you.