15 Summer Decor Ideas Full of Color and Style to Supercharge Your Space

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Wicker furniture in sunroom.
Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Alexandra Kaehler

It’s surprisingly easy to brighten up your home for summer without buying tons of new items or rejiggering your entire living room layout. Here, I’m sharing 15 simple yet stylish summer decor ideas, all sourced from interior designers who spruce up their clients’ houses and their own homes year after year, especially when the days get longer, and the temperatures rise. 

These tips range from incorporating fresh blooms in flower vases and displaying seasonal fruit to creatively reusing textiles you may already have in your home or trying out a new vintage-inspired trend. Whatever you choose to explore from this list, everything here is guaranteed to bring plenty of color and style into your space this season. 

Credit: Photo: Brie Williams; Interior Designer: Gray Walker

1. Punch Up Your Floral Displays

Move over, vases — this summer, designers are all about repurposing vintage punch bowls to create large, elegant flower displays, just as designer Gray Walker of Gray Walker Interiors did in this charming tablescape. Shop flea markets and vintage stores in search of a vessel that speaks to you, then fill it with an assortment of blooms from your garden or a nearby nursery. 

Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Alexandra Kaehler

2. Say Yes to Cabbageware

Cabbageware is having a major moment, and its happy green hue is perfect for summer. Work some of these classic designs into your place settings to create a cheerful, photo-worthy table. You can stack a few of these plates up, or just add in small bowls as accents. For an extra special touch, complement the whimsical, nature-inspired look with bamboo flatware, as designer Alexandra Kaehler did here. You can also find these kinds of pieces for less in thrift stores and vintage shops if you keep your eyes peeled for them.

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Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Alexandra Kaehler

3. Scatter Multiple Vases on a Table

Whether you’re decorating your credenza or your dining room table, embrace a “more is more” mentality when it comes to vases. Rather than displaying one vessel solo, cluster several together for a collected look. By no means do all of your pieces need to match perfectly as long as they generally complement one another in style. Just make sure there’s a common thread between all of them, whether it’s shape or finish, the latter of which is shown here in a display also designed by Kaehler.

Credit: Photo: Kirsten Francis; Interior Designer: Jennifer Hunter

4. Swap Neutral Accents for Colorful Picks

Tuck those beige candles and neutral coffee table books into the closet for winter. Embrace the sunny and warm days ahead by filling your home with vibrant tapers, books with bright spines, and of course, plenty of fresh flowers, just as designer Jennifer Hunter did in this sweet, serene living room. 

Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Paloma Contreras

5. Jazz up Your Place Settings

To make your place settings extra pretty, work some trimmings from your own backyard into the mix. Fresh flowers make everything feel more festive. All you have to do is tuck a sprig or bloom into your napkin rings, as shown in this tablescape by designer and blogger Paloma Contreras.

Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Paloma Contreras

6. Style with Summer Citrus

Fresh fruit is a summertime staple, and it’s also enjoyable to look at when it isn’t being eaten. Buy some oranges or lemons at the grocery store or farmer’s market and place them in a favorite bowl or tray on your countertop. That’ll bring some instant zest into the kitchen. Just look at how these oranges perk up this otherwise beautiful but largely all-white cook space, also by Contreras. 

Credit: Photo: Carmel Brantley; Interior Designer: Jennifer Hunter

7. Use Your Summer Accessories as Decor

Take those straw hats out of the closet to display them as decor in your bedroom to welcome the season. Place one on top of a trunk, or hang several on the wall using small nails to add instant style to your space, as Hunter did here in this double bedroom.  

Credit: Sophie Williamson Design

8. Add Cordless Lamps to the Mix

Mini cordless lamps couldn’t be cuter, and with so many fashionable rechargeable styles on the market, there’s an option for every aesthetic. Introduce some to your backyard table to keep the dinner party going after the sun starts to set. Designer Sophie von Oertzen of Sophie Williamson Design favors these tiny torchère-like models with patterned shades from Pooky, which coordinate so nicely with her own printed table linens.  

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Credit: Photo: Kip Dawkins; Interior Designer: Ashley Hanley

9. Set Up a Drinks Station Alfresco

Given how much time you’ll be spending on the back porch, it may be worth weaving a small bar station into the mix so you can whip up refreshments without having to step back inside. All you’ll need is a small chest, table, or cart and all of your favorite cocktail-making accessories. Finish off the area with a pretty mirror that’ll throw all that natural summer light around, à la designer Ashley Hanley’s setup here.   

Credit: Photo: Aigail Jackson; Interior Designer: Zandy Gammons

10. Pick a Fun Outdoor Fabric

Outdoor fabrics have come a long way. Pick a print that inspires you to decorate your back porch or patio the way you would your living room to make it a comfy extension of your indoors. Pillows are a natural place to start, as shown here in this design by Zandy Gammons of Miretta Interiors, but you could spring for custom seat cushions instead to make a major statement, or use a fun textile as a throw.  

Credit: Photo: Kip Dawkins; Interior Designer: Sara Hillery

11. Switch Out Your Pillows

On a related note, don’t forget to swap out your outdoor pillows for the season. Say goodbye to moody tones and hello to soft pastels and soothing patterns, as shown in this calming swing sofa vignette by designer Sara Hillery.

Credit: Amy Whyte

12. Try a Quilt as a Tablecloth

Rather than purchasing a brand-new tablecloth, shop your home! Quilts are great options, and you may have the perfect one tucked away in your linen closet. This green and white design, used by designer Amy Whyte, is excellent for the season and pairs nicely with fresh greenery. 

Credit: Photo: Christy Kosnic; Interior Designer: Grey Hunt Interiors

13. Bring Color to Your Bed

Add a summery throw to your bed to dress up your sleep space without having to buy all new bedding. A blanket like this hot pink tassel-trimmed design Grey Hunt Interiors used here will keep you cozy on nights where the AC is blasting a little too intensely!

Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga: Interior Designer: Ppaloma Contreras

14. Switch Out Your Artwork for the Season

If your current wall art is screaming “winter,” remove a piece from its frame, and display a summery snap instead, as shown in this cute breakfast nook by Contreras. To save some cash, frame one of your own vacation photos, or purchase a digital download from Etsy and print it out at home. 

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Credit: Photo: Aimee Mazzenga; Interior Designer: Alexandra Kaehler

15. Bring a Garden Stool Indoors

Garden stools aren’t solely for the backyard, as shown here in this sunroom by Kaehler. Choose one with a pattern that speaks to your interior style, and put it to work as a side table in the living room, a bedroom — you name it! Lightweight and portable, garden stools are easy to move around the house as needed when you’re entertaining guests, too.