Here’s the Summer Hobby You Should Pick Up, According to Your Zodiac Sign

published May 1, 2021
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Spiritually, summer symbolizes freedom, vitality, and abundance. The days are longer, the temperatures are warmer, the energy is playful, and the room for curiosity and exploration is infinite. From road trips to bonfires with friends and sprucing up your space, there’s also one thing you can do to make summertime worthwhile: develop a hobby.

Having a hobby serves as a break from your daily routine while also filling you with a sense of joy and purpose. In today’s world where burnout and chronic stress run rampant, creating space to slow down and disconnect from the noise of everyday life has a multitude of benefits. In fact, research shows that having hobbies is correlated with lower rates of stress and depression.

Wondering what the perfect hobby for you is? Look no further — it’s written in the stars. Each zodiac sign has a unique set of characteristics that plays to a person’s core identity, making certain hobbies complement their strengths and deeper sense of purpose. Whether engaging in something physical and active or creative and crafty, hobbies should feel light, fun, and also meaningful. Find out which summer hobby correlates best to your star sign below and get ready to thrive this season. 

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Aries: Roller skating

Lace up, Ram friends. As someone who loves staying in motion (and looking mighty confident doing so), roller skating provides the feel-good rush you crave out of life. Much like the motion of skating itself, you are always propelling forward on your goals and dreams. Your grit, determination, and competitive streak mean you’re not afraid of a challenge, either. Whether learning tricks, dancing to disco à la TikTok, or keeping up a daily streak, finding your groove with your skates is liberating to your freedom-seeking soul. It’s also a great way to clear the clutter of your mind and be in flow with both your body and the present moment. 

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Taurus: Cocktail (or mocktail) making

Sensual, tactile, and pleasure-seeking, Taureans love to indulge themselves. You are the child of Venus, the goddess of love and beauty, after all. Cocktail-making engages your senses as you love to work with your hands and have the freedom to play. Just like alchemy, you’ll find a natural gift for blending aromas and succulent flavors into your own concoctions. You can start with a simple mojito or alcohol-free version, then build on it with muddling fresh fruit, creating DIY syrups, and garnishing it with herbs like mint and lavender that are perfect for summer. After creating your drink, enjoy it in the warm summer air and savor the refreshment it brings. 

With the large, south-facing windows, my bedroom has also become a greenhouse for all the plants I'm currently propagating. Painted IKEA bookshelves store books and act as a napping spot for my cats. The dresser/mirror has been in my family since the 1940s.

Gemini: Start a book club

As the chattiest sign of the zodiac, you love any opportunity to connect with friends. You lose track of time getting lost in good conversation and stories, which is exactly why starting a book club is the thing for you this summer. With your curiosity and wide range of interests, you’re a natural at facilitating discussion and opening people up to new ways of thinking. Plus, with your many different friend groups, it’s a great chance for everyone to connect and learn from one another. There are plenty of new summer reads out there that you might explore, or perhaps, you revisit a classic. Whether you opt for a virtual book club or meet up at your local park, this gives you a chance to leverage both your social skills and intellect. Time to start the group text.

Cancer: Nature journaling

Highly intuitive and imaginative, you have an eye for picking up on things that oftentimes, other people don’t see. Because you are sensitive to your environment, it’s essential for you to have a safe space to retreat in order to process, recharge, and protect your boundaries. Enter: nature journaling. This quiet practice involves drawing, painting, or writing your response to nature surrounding you. Pay attention to the dew on the leaves or the birds’ nest in the tree and notice the sensations that arise within you. With your keen observation skills and abundance of creative energy, inspiration can be found anywhere. Many studies prove there is a connection between nature and happiness, and this hobby helps you feel connected and present with your whole self.

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Leo: Outdoor Yoga

Upbeat, charismatic, and ruled by the sun, you embody “prana,” which is the vital life force that flows through us. This summer, channeling that fiery energy into a grounding yoga practice can help you find a sense of ease. Through heart-openers, vinyasa flow, and strengthening poses, you can embrace your expansiveness while also learning to let any anger or stubbornness pass through you. When you feel your best, you are your best and have the capacity to inspire others. Try out your practice at different locations, such as a forest, community park, or along the water. Whether doing this with friends or flying solo, you get to take the reins on making your yoga practice meaningful to you. 

Virgo: Grow your own herbs and produce

You work hard, are grounded, and strive for perfection. Taking breaks, however, can be difficult when there’s so much you want to accomplish. As an earth sign, getting into the weeds of Mother Nature is incredibly healing as it allows you to reestablish your foundation. What’s more perfect for you this summer then, than growing your own herb or learn to preserve your harvest for when the colder months roll around — just think of it as being prepared and thinking ahead!

Libra: Floral arranging

Libras are born romantics with an eye for aesthetics to support their fairytale vision. Of course, that involves beautiful blooms that give off a pleasing pop of color and sweet aroma. Taking up a hobby like flower arranging this summer aligns with your harmonious personality. You can either grow your own flowers or pick some up from your local farmer’s market, experimenting with shape, color, texture, and scents. Not only do flower arrangements make lovely accents to your home, but they speak to your need for peace and balance by adding natural elements into your decor. They also make wonderful centerpieces for all of the outdoor dinner parties you’re planning on hosting like the sociable sign you are. 

Scorpio: Upcycling 

Ruled by the planet Pluto, which symbolizes death and rebirth, you live for a good sustainable moment. You, more than anyone, know that as cyclical beings, people are always reinventing themselves, which is why upcycling is the perfect summer hobby for you. Tap into your creativity and curiosity to give new life to old products around your home or from your local thrift shop. Some ideas include but are not limited to: repurposing furniture, turning plastic bottles into organizers, or creating DIY clothing with your own spin. As an intuitive water sign, you know how to make skilled use of your resources while also having a ton of fun in the process.

Sagittarius: Stargazing/Moon Gazing

Get your telescope and cozy blankets ready for a night under the stars, Sag. As you’re ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, you seek meaning and deeper purpose out of life. 

There’s something about sitting under the night sky that prompts you to ask the big questions, which is why stargazing is your ultimate summer hobby. Whether you choose to make this a meditative experience or a chance to learn more about constellations and moon cycles, this reconnects you with the vastness of the universe. It’s also a great chance to explore different locations, be it along the water, in a forest, or even creating a campsite in your backyard. The world is yours and what you make of it. 

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Capricorn: Baking 

Hard-working and dedicated, you’re all about crushing your goals. This summer, it’s time to claim the crown for a new achievement: #BakingGoals. Playing around in the kitchen is just the thing you need this summer to slow down from the hustle. Since recipes are basically a set of rules for you to follow, you’ll have no problem whipping up all kinds of tasty treats. Experiment with fresh fruits in season, such as these lemon blueberry bars or something icy and refreshing like homemade popsicles. There are also tons of refined sugar-free recipes that are satisfying to any sweet tooth out there. By the time summer is over, you’ll be ready for your “Great British Bake-Off” audition. 

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Aquarius: Natural dyeing

As a free-spirited air sign, you don’t go with the trends, you make the trends. That’s why you’ll love the experimental process of natural dyeing. This eco-conscious form of tie-dyeing flexes your creative muscles and speaks to your passion for a more sustainable world. See what you find around your home and get playful! You can use fruits like avocado and cherries, veggie scraps like citrus peels or onion skins, or even tea, coffee, and herbs as your dye. Once you collect your materials, you can follow this process for boiling your mordant and generating the dye bath. The best part about this? You’ll have tons of unique art, clothing, tablecloths, and home accents afterward. 

Pisces: DIY Wall Art 

As the last sign of the zodiac, you carry the wisdom of all the signs that come before you. This makes you sensitive, intuitive, and deeply empathetic. A hobby where you can channel your emotions into something creative is highly therapeutic — which is why creating DIY wall art is perfect for you this summer. Don’t worry, you don’t need to have fancy materials or a studio space to do this. Grab things around your home like old paper and scraps for a collage-like piece, or materials from outside to create flower walls or a rustic twig wreath. If painting is your thing, find your flow by playing around with different color combos, patterns, and textures. As an imaginative water sign, you love the feeling of escapism, and this outlet provides you with the space you need to feel, think, and do.