This Missouri House for Sale Is Barely Visible Above Ground

published Apr 20, 2023
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There are a lot of houses out there with exteriors that warrant a double-take. But there’s one house that’s currently listed for sale that will make you do a triple-take and then cause you to stare at it and ask why? Located in Sturgis, Missouri, this home has been built into the ground, bunker-style, making it look like it’s been absorbed by quicksand — and people on Instagram are trying to piece the puzzle together.

“Perfect for vampires,” the caption of the @Zillowtastrophes Instagram post about this property reads. 

The exterior walls of the home are only about a foot above ground level and the front and back doors look like they’re built into what should be the attic. And the only windows in the three-bedroom house are tiny transom windows that let you peek onto the lawn.

The real estate listing describes the house as a “unique property,” and it definitely is just that. For those who don’t mind basement-dwelling, you can get all 1,100 square feet of this home for just $50,000 — that is, if the pending offer doesn’t go through.

“As a roofer, this would be ideal,” one person commented, adding, “no chance of falling off the roof and hurting yourself.” Another added, “Energy costs have to be minimal,” due to natural insulation and ground cooling.

The real reason for this home being built the way it is likely has to do with the weather. The house is located in the region of tornado alley, and the builders’ thought process was probably that you don’t have to retreat into the basement when your entire house is the basement. And you’d also have minimal property damage if a tornado did hit.

This place isn’t ideal for those who thrive in sun-washed homes. But if you’re a mole person at heart, then this home may be the perfect fit for you.