Everyone in My Family Is Obsessed with This Super-Fluffy $42 Amazon Comforter (It Looks and Feels So Much More Expensive!)

published Feb 22, 2024
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Young woman sleeping peacefully on her bed at home.
Credit: Getty Images / Luis Alvarez

I don’t know about you, but getting everyone in my family to agree on something is somewhat of a miracle. Now I wouldn’t call us opinionated, but let’s just say we’re all… passionate. We’re all individuals with individual tastes, after all. In fact, there have only ever been three things we’ve all unanimously agreed upon: which soccer team we support (we’re Madridistas in this house), the fact that Rose definitely could’ve made room for Jack on that door, and that when it comes to comforters, nothing beats the SUPERIOR Brushed Microfiber Solid Down-Alternative Comforter.

It might sound funny, but it’s true: everyone in my immediate family (and then some), at one point or another, has used this comforter. And I don’t mean in a hand-me-down kind of way, I mean we have all individually purchased our very own SUPERIOR comforter after someone in the home recommended it. So what is it about this comforter that has had all hooked for years? Let’s delve into it.

What is the SUPERIOR Brushed Microfiber Solid Down-Alternative Comforter?

At first glance, the SUPERIOR Brushed Microfiber Solid Down-Alternative Comforter may look like any old comforter, but trust me, after you give this one a try, there’s no going back. Featuring a down-alternative medium-weight fill, this comforter is soft to the touch and perfect for all-season use. Its baffle-box design and double stitching ensure the fluffy fill stays in place and evenly distributed within the comforter so you’ll never have to worry about clumping, ever. Best of all, it’s OEKO-TEX certified and machine washable.

Credit: Amazon

Why I Love the SUPERIOR Brushed Microfiber Solid Down-Alternative Comforter

Soft, fluffy, and affordable, I was the first one in the home to pick up this incredible comforter back in 2018. I was immediately taken with how cozy it was. I likened it to what I imagine wrapping yourself up in a million marshmallows feels like. I was also impressed at how cool it kept me in the summer and how warm it kept me in the winter — they weren’t kidding when they said all seasons; comfort. But my favorite part? Washing it has not changed it one bit — it’s still as fluffy as the day I bought it.

Then, it started. One night when my mom came to talk to me and sat on my bed, she barely got a word out before she went “Oh my God, this comforter feels amazing. I need to get one for me and your father!” Two days later, theirs was on our doorstep. Thus began the game Comforter Telephone we proceeded to play with my sister, two of my aunts, and even my best friend until at one point, eight people in my immediate circle had purchased or been gifted this comforter. Another friend, (to whom I gifted one) was initially overwhelmed because she thought I had splurged on a fancy version — she stood there mouth agape when I told her how affordable it was (I have no shame in my savings game, dear reader). The first thing she said after that? “Oh, I have to get my mom one!” There’s truly no stopping this comforter.

Normally coming in at a whopping $98, you can get your hands on the queen-sized SUPERIOR Brushed Microfiber Solid Down-Alternative Comforter for just $42 — that’s more than 50% off! So if you’re ready for great sleep, a comforter that will last you years, and to become the influencer of your family, give this comforter a try. You can thank me later in the comments below.