This $65 Mattress Topper Was the Best Thing to Happen to My Aching Back

published Oct 21, 2021
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A little over a year ago, I settled into my first apartment. I was so excited to craft my space, exhilarated by the many shopping cart browsers I’d stare at for hours. But, although I was buying so many new things, I knew it would be plain outrageous to throw away perfectly good items from my previous dorm room. Besides some fun lamps, clip fans, and rugs, I was adamant about reusing my mattress topper. It served me well during my two years on campus, so why not continue using it?

The first few months weren’t bad. I figured it was my mattress, at first. Mattresses are supposed to be firm, right? But that wasn’t the case.

As months passed, it got worse. I’d dread going to sleep some nights. Others, I’d pass out and hope the pain didn’t follow me into the morning. At 21, I was experiencing intense back ache. So, I put my foot down.

I asked everyone I knew about their favorite mattress topper. Some recommended sub-par ones, others were entirely too expensive. The process was grueling. I searched online and in-store, constantly feeling that I would either be wasting money or digging myself in a financial hole if I selected anything I came across. Then, my roommate sent me this mattress suggestion — and it was a true godsend.

The aptly described “total pressure point reliever” had my full, undivided attention. I immediately bought it after briefly sitting on my roommate’s bed; this was the one. Besides relieving various pressure points in the body, this mattress topper helps soften the impact of firm mattresses. The combination of gel-infused memory foam for more breathable sleep and its durability made me count the hours before it arrived.

My first night with this mattress topper was better than I could’ve imagined. It arrived in a tightly wound plastic casing and took some time to unravel and rise. Once it did, I found myself lugging an almost 10-pound topper across my bed. The thick material made me feel like I was floating on a cloud. I curled up on my newfound bedding accessory and fell asleep immediately. I woke with the feeling of total satisfaction.

It’s been a little over four months since I made one of the best decisions of my adult life. Priced at $63.49 (for the two-inch Full), this mattress topper is seriously perfect for anyone who wants luxury without luxury prices. This product is the perfect combination of firm and squishy, and my only complaint is that I wish I bought it sooner!