This TikToker Found 5 Stylish Uses for Table Runners That Don’t Involve Your Table

published Mar 21, 2023
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Some people collect specific home decor items like they’re going out of style. And if your one thing is table runners, then this viral TikTok video was made for you. TikTok user Sarah Teresinski (@redeux_style) came up with five brilliant ways to put your table runners to work and none of the ideas actually involve tables.

“Table runners make great accent pieces, not just for tables,” Teresinski said in her February video. “When I have a smaller chair or a skinnier chair, I love to throw a table runner over it and then just tuck it in the seam instead of finding a pillow small enough to go over it.” 

Or, throw your table runner up on the wall like a tapestry. Teresinski loves hanging runners behind pieces of art to extend the frame around the piece and add more visual interest. Even better if your table runner has fringe because this will give the setup an even more bohemian look.

Perhaps the most genius use of table runners is to make them into an accent rug. Teresinski has made a table runner rug before and is still using it months later. All you need to do is duct tape the back of three or more runners together that are approximately the same length, flip the whole thing over, and now you have an accent rug! You can also sew the runners together if you want to make this a more permanent decor accessory, but this no-sew version holds up just fine.

You can also use table runners on the backs of benches and chairs, or on the ends of beds instead of throw blankets

And finally, Teresinski notes that you can also turn long table runners into bolster pillows. Just cut the runner in half and add Fray Check to the cut ends. Then, use fabric glue along both long sides and one short side of the runner sandwich to create a pillowcase. You can then add an existing bolster, or do as Teresinski did and use old towels to get that bolster shape.

“Think outside the box, y’all!” Teresinski signed off. And with these ideas now tumbling around in your head, it’s definitely hard not to!