Tamasyn’s Colorful, Patterned London Flat

updated Feb 28, 2019
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a bright green couch and abstract green patterned wallpaper
(Image credit: Claire Bock)

Name: Tamasyn Gambell
Location: Bow; London, United Kingdom
Size: 2 bedrooms, 1 bath
Years lived in: 3 years; owned
Who else lives here: Tamasyn’s boyfriend Jamie and their baby

Stepping into the home of Tamasyn Gambell, the first thing you notice are the patterns and collections, but go deeper into the home and you will see that her use of pattern and color is united by nature themes which lend a tranquil feel to the home. Tamasyn is a London based textile designer who has made a name for herself creating modern mid-century inspired geometric fabrics. Her home really shows that her work and her life are one with her love of mid-century design and color.

*Re-edited from a tour originally published in 2014

(Image credit: Claire Bock)

Tamasyn started her career in the fashion world as a print designer working for Louis Vuitton, Sonia Rykiel, and H&M, but the fast-paced cycle of trends in the fashion world didn’t suit her love of timeless, well-considered designs. Her home is a showcase of vintage designs that stand the test of time, with vintage furniture and lighting that are as on trend now as they were when they were designed. Tamasyn’s true talent is shown in how she effortlessly blends modern shapes and bold colors to create a relaxing space.

Although the flat is in the heart of the city, there is a nod to nature throughout the flat that extends beyond the quaint garden and into the study with the Cole and Son Woods wallpaper. Nature carries into the bedroom, where the vegetarian taxidermy crow really caught my eye, and the living room, with statement wallpaper featuring a geometric floral print. You seem to forget the bustling open air market outside the living room window and are lost in the amazing design.

If you want to see more of Tamasyn’s work, her cushion and lampshade ranges are stocked worldwide, including in the U.S. at Design Within Reach.

(Image credit: Claire Bock)

Apartment Therapy Survey

My style: Eclectic and Colourful.

Inspiration: Modernist colour palettes, vintage flea market finds, and beautiful textures.

Favorite Element: The mix of colours always makes me feel happy. It’s quite a bright flat, as we have big windows too, and I love the light. My partner is a graphic designer and we both love scouring markets, so we have random collections of objects, posters and books, which always give you something to look at!

Biggest Challenge: Storage. We have a lot of stuff and a limited amount of space. But I think houses are like handbags — no matter what size they are you manage to fill them!

What Friends Say: They like how personal it is to us. We have friends around a lot and have created quite a friendly and cozy environment that our friends like coming to and spending time in.

Biggest Embarrassment: We have a small baby and fondly call her nappy changing area “Poo Station Alpha”. Luckily we can hide changing mats and nappy bags quite easily!

Proudest DIY: The whole flat! It was very beige when we bought it, and we have transformed it with bright paints, wallpaper and tiles. We really threw ourselves into the DIY and have done it all ourselves, which gives you a real sense of achievement. But I think doing the tiling in the kitchen fills me with the most pride. We found some hand thrown Mexican tiles, which I arranged in a pattern as we put them up. Neither of us had done any tiling before. It was really fun and looks great!

Biggest Indulgence: I’d say wallpaper! We went for Cole and Son in the second bedroom and Sanderson as a statement wall in the living room. We also spent a lot of money on frames, as most of our prints and artworks are large scale.

Best Advice: Be true to your own style in your home and have fun. Invest in some timeless classics that you will never tire of. I would also say that the right textiles really bring warmth into a space. But I would say that!

Dream Source: When I lived in Stockholm I used to visit an amazing vintage shop. The owner had grown up in a small town in Southern Sweden and there was an abandoned village nearby — she used to explore it as a child — and there was an old clothing shop that had closed suddenly. The shop was perfectly preserved. As soon as she was old enough she started to inquire about it, and eventually she found that it was for sale with all the contents included. She arranged an appointment with the local estate agent and walked into a perfectly preserved 1960s boutique. The stock room had row upon row of shoe boxes holding 1960s pumps and heels, larger boxes held dresses, and the glass cabinets at the front of the shop held vintage sunglasses and boxed underwear. She bought the shop and bought its contents to Stockholm! This would be a dream come true for me! Except in my dream it would be an interiors shop filled with amazing furniture from the mid century period.

The Textile and Arts library at the Victoria and Albert Museum, filled with incredible textile swatches, vintage periodicals and art books that never fail to excite and inspire.

Tim Walker’s colour palettes. His photos are filled with vibrant energy.

Parisian flea markets. My favorite is Montreuil. Its by far the least glamorous, but if you are up for rummaging you can find the best bargains!

Resources of Note:

Furniture: Ercol, vintage finds, John Lewis sofa

Accessories: Tamasyn Gambell lampshades and cushions, vintage office lamps, Indian throw, vegetarian taxidermy from Donya Coward, ceramic birds, Eleanor Pritchard Blanket

Lighting: Vintage lamps

Rugs and Carpets: Persian runner, graphic rug.

Tiles and Stone: Hand made Mexican patterned tiles, mini glass Italian tiles in the bathroom.

Beds: Feather and Black metal-framed bed

Artwork: Vintage prints, illustrations, artwork prints, Rob Ryan Screen print, Photographic prints onto textile.

Paint: Craig and Rose 1829 Authentic Period colors paint.

Flooring: Oak flooring throughout.

(Image credit: Claire Bock)

Thanks Tamasyn!

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