Target’s New Glitter Inflatable Chair Will Take You Straight Back to the ‘90s

published Aug 12, 2018
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(Image credit: Target)

Inflatable chairs did not die in the ’90s. Unless you count that one time your cat popped your chair with its nails. In 2018, inflatable chairs are back and even better than before. Sure, you might not be 10 anymore, but no one is ever too old for an inflatable chair.

Picture, this, is it 1999, you’re watching Space Jam for the 30th time on VHS tape while you listen to your Spice Girls and *NSYNC CDs. All of your best friends are at your house for a sleepover for the weekend. But everyone can’t stop fighting over who gets to sit on the inflatable chair!

(Image credit: Target)

Flash forward to know, instead of Spice Girls, maybe you’re listening to Taylor Swift or watching Call Me by Your Name on your Amazon Prime account with your bestie. Now thanks to Target, you can still fight over who gets to sit on the inflatable chair. And this time, it is a glittery dream.

Target released a ’90s-licious inflatable chair that comes in three colors: pink, gold, and multicolor. The multicolor option is a good option for those who like pink, but don’t want something that is “too” pink. These chairs are super affordable too, selling for $30. Not only does Target offer the three chairs, they also have matching ottomans that are just $15.

(Image credit: Target)

These chairs are perfect for anyone who is big on ’90s nostalgia. You can have the most epic ’90s party if you have a couple of these in your home. These are also functional for a casual hangout night or if you have any kids/teens in your life that come over to visit.

If you want to buy this chair from Target, you’re going to need to be patient, as all three colors are currently out of stock. You can sign up for notifications to find out when the chair is back in stock. It is $29.99 at Target.

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