10 Cheap Things from Target You Only Need to Buy Once for Your Apartment

published May 9, 2021
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Moving is always a hassle. So occasionally, in the interest of time and effort, you get rid of some of your cheaper stuff, vowing to re-purchase it once you settle into your new place.

In college, when I moved from dorm to apartment to summer sublet, I did this in the name of making my move-out process “easier.” A small ironing board I only use on big interview days? Tossed in the donate pile. A slew of colorful hangers I can buy from Amazon next semester? Into the recycle bin. It wasn’t until college life was behind me that I realized this wasn’t the best way to move.

Now, when I move from apartment to apartment, I have a running list of cheap items that I always take with me. This way, I only have to buy them once — and the best part is: they’re all under $20. Here are the trusty Target items that travel with me during every move:


I’ve had this $2.50 set of hangers from Target for two years now, and it’s worth it every time to be able to begin unpacking my clothes with hangers readily available. Plus, it’s a waste of single-use plastic to continuously toss out old ones if it’s not necessary.

The Laundry Basket

Preserving your laundry basket is not only economical, but you can also stash stuff in it (hangers, perhaps?) while you’re moving.

Storage Bins

I’ve held on to my storage bins for just about four years, and it’s one of the best moving decisions I’ve ever made. I mostly use them to store linens and seasonal clothing, so there’s no wear and tear.

My Duster

Sometimes it’s tough to figure out if you should bring your mostly full bottle of Windex with you or leave it for the next tenant. But one cleaning item I always take with me to my new apartment is my trusty Swiffer duster. It’s inexpensive and quite useful.

Leftover Office Supplies

Have you ever walked out of an office supply store and did a double take when you looked at the receipt? Same. Desk items add up faster than you think. Toting Target’s cheap scissors, pens, notepads, and more with you when you move into a new place can help your wallet in the long run.

My Trusty Target Lamp

If you prefer different modes of lighting in your home, odds are you have a lamp collection building. And if the pros outweigh the cons, you should bring your trusty cheap lamp with you to your new apartment to keep your “to buy” checklist short.


Pillows can be a cheap thing you shouldn’t have to re-buy all that often. My Target pillows are super comfy and budget-friendly.

Succulent Pots

It’s always a great idea to pack away some meaningful decor items from your old place and bring them to your new home. As a plant mom, I dedicate a whole tiny moving box to housing my succulent pots.

A Small Bathroom Mirror

Bathroom mirrors — and mirrors in general — can cost a pretty penny. But this small version from Target has been a mainstay at several of my most recent apartments.

A Steamer

If you don’t use a steamer often, it can be tempting to pass yours off to a friend when moving. I’ve kept mine over the years and it’s been a huge relief not to waste my moving budget on minor purchases like this.