This TikToker Turned a Target Lamp into a Tiny Greenhouse

published Apr 10, 2023
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Clear target lamp on coffee table.
Credit: Courtesy of Target

Nurturing your growing plants doesn’t have to mean breaking the bank. Case in point: A viral TikTok, which posits that you can make a great mini greenhouse using a simple Target lamp.

Recently, TikTok content creator and plant enthusiast Krystal (@plantswithkrystal) ran into a problem when her alocasia maharani plant began outgrowing her propagation box, meaning it was time to move the plant to a cloche. Curious about what a cloche is? Basically, it’s a bell- or dome-shaped cover used to protect tiny indoor plants — in other words, think of it as a smallscale greenhouse!

But rather than spending a bunch of money on a pre-made cloche, Krystal simply made her own using a mason jar, Target’s clear Glass Cylinder Mini Table Lamp ($12), and Briignite LED Grow Light Bulbs ($8) from Amazon. Better yet, she documented the process on TikTok.

Once all of the supplies were assembled, all Krystal had to do was place her growing plant in a mason jar, place said mason jar under the Target lamp, and voila! An adorable mini greenhouse.

“When I saw these lamps I knew it would be so cute with a plant underneath!” she wrote in the video’s caption.

Clearly, plenty of fellow plant parents agree. Since Krystal posted the video on  April 3, it’s already racked up over 63,700 likes and 827,700 views.

“EXCUSEEEEE ME?” one TikToker commented. “It’s a NEED.”

Another joked: “Brb, replacing every lamp in my home with these. 😂”