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108 Taylor Swift Captions for Every Summer Mood

published Jul 1, 2024
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Taylor Swift performs onstage for the opening night of "Taylor Swift The Eras Tour"
Credit: Kevin Winter

When you’re not sure what to caption a photo (or an entire photo dump), you can always turn to the tortured poet herself, Taylor Swift. Her latest album, The Tortured Poets Department: The Anthology, is a treasure trove of angst and a little bit of revenge — perfect for summer TikTok captions, no? Well, you might be shocked to learn you can pluck some surprisingly cheerful lyrics from the overall moody vibes of Swift’s 31 new songs. 

Whether you’re lounging on the beach with friends, headed to a music festival, or just enjoying a break (hopefully!) from the study grind, you can document your best snaps on TikTok with a fitting Taylor lyric. To make sure it’s not all “Female Rage: The Musical,” I’ve also added in some throwback Taylor Swift summer lyrics for captions. Because sometimes you just want a “Friday night beneath the stars.” 

Taylor Swift Summer Captions

  1. “Had a good run, a moment of warm sun.” —“So Long, London”
  2. “Now I’m dancing in my dress in the sun.” —“But Daddy I Love Him”
  3. “You can beat the heat if you beat the charges, too.” —“Florida!!!”
  4. “Florida!!! Is one hell of a drug.” —“Florida!!!”
  5. “Central Park Lake in tiny rowboats, what a charming Saturday!” —“The Bolter”
  6. “One last souvenir from my trip to your shores.” —“The Manuscript”
  7. “Thought I caught lightning in a bottle.” —“The Prophecy”
  8. “I hate it here, so I will go to Secret Gardens in my mind.” —“I Hate It Here”
  9. “One bad seed kills the garden.” —“The Albatross”
  10. “All your life, did you know, you’d be picked like a rose?” —“Clara Bow”
  11. “I just want to know if rusting my sparkling summer was the goal.” —“The Smallest Man Who Ever Lived” 
  12. “There in her glittering prime.” —“I Can Do It with a Broken Heart” 
  13. “Lights, camera, b*tch, smile” —“I Can Do It with a Broken Heart”  
  14. “I was tame, I was gentle, ’til the circus life made me mean.” —“Who’s Afraid of Little Old Me?”
  15. “Another summer, taking cover, rolling thunder.” —“Fresh out the Slammer”
  16. “Handcuffed to the spell I was under for just one hour of sunshine.” —“Fresh out the Slammer”
  17. “I’ll stare directly at the sun, but never in the mirror.” —“Anti-Hero” 
  18. “So make the friendship bracelets, take the moment, and taste it.” —“You’re on Your Own Kid”
  19. “He was sunshine, I was midnight rain.” —“Midnight Rain”
  20. “Karma is the breeze in my hair on the weekend.” —“Karma”
  21. “There is a glorious sunrise dappled with the flickers of light from the dress I wore at midnight.” —“Happiness”
  22. “Roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool.” —“The 1”
  23. “Playing hide-and-seek and giving me your weekends.” —“Cardigan”
  24. “Sweet tea in the summer.” —“Seven”
  25. “August slipped away into a moment in time.” —“August” 
  26. “So much for summer love.” —“August”
  27. “I dreamt of you all summer long” —“Betty” 
  28. “I’d give you my sunshine, give you my best.” —“Peace” 
  29. “Flamingo pink, Sunrise Boulevard.” —“Slut!”     
  30. “Grab your passport and my hand.”—“Blank Space”      
  31. “Cherry lips, crystal skies.”—“Blank Space” 
  32. “Rose garden filled with thorns.”—“Blank Space” 
  33. “It’s a cruel summer.” —“Cruel Summer”
  34. “I’ve loved you three summers now, honey, but I want ’em all.” —“Lover”
  35. “I’d be just like Leo in Saint-Tropez.” —“The Man”
  36. “Sunshine on the street at the parade.” —“You Need to Calm Down” 
  37. “Like a rainbow with all of the colors.” —“Me!” 
  38. “And now I see daylight, I only see daylight.” —“Daylight” 
  39. “But after the storm, something was born on the Fourth of July.” —“End Game”
  40. “Up on the roof with a schoolgirl crush.” —“King of My Heart”
  41. “It was so nice throwing big parties, jump into the pool from the balcony.” —“This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things”
  42. “Do you remember, we were sitting there by the water?” —“Mine”
  43. “That July 9th, the beat of your heart.” —“Last Kiss”
  44. “And I hope the sun shines, and it’s a beautiful day.” —“Last Kiss”
  45. “I’m standing there, on a balcony in summer air.” —“Love Story”
  46. “It’s a roller coaster kind of rush.” —“The Way I Loved You” 
  47. “Untouchable, burning brighter than the sun.” —“Untouchable”
  48. “Can you feel this magic in the air?” —“Today Was a Fairytale”
  49. “The best and worst day of June was the one that I met you.” —“You All Over Me”
  50. “That’s when it was sunny or storming.” —“That’s When”

Taylor Swift Summer Night Captions 

  1. “I saw in my mind fairy lights through the mist.” —“So Long, London”
  2. “You got the dragonflies above your bed.” —“Robin”
  3. “Transfixed by rose golden glows.” —“I Look in People’s Windows”
  4. “Cheeks pink in the twinkling lights.” —“So High School”
  5. “Truth, dare, spin bottles.” —“So High School”
  6. “Crowd goes wild at her fingertips, half moonshine, a full еclipse.” —“Clara Bow”
  7. “I just wanna stay in that lavender haze.” —“Lavender Haze”
  8. “Flying in a dream, stars by the pocketful.” —“Snow on the Beach”
  9. “Nights are so starry, blood moonlit.” —“Glitch”
  10. “I can still make the whole place shimmer.” —“Bejeweled”
  11. “The fast times, the bright lights, the merry-go.” —“Coney Island” 
  12. “The stars in your eyes shined brighter in Tupelo.” —“Dorothea”
  13. “Shinin’ just for you.” —“Mirrorball”
  14. “Gave me the blues and then purple-pink skies.” —“Invisible String”
  15. “Aquamarine, moonlit swimming pool.” —“Slut!” 
  16. “Walkin’ through a crowd, the village is aglow.” —“Welcome to New York”
  17. “This love is glowing in the dark.” —“This Love”
  18. “And I snuck in through the garden gate every night that summer just to seal my fate.” —“Cruel Summer”
  19. “Fever dream high in the quiet of the night, you know that I caught it.” —“Cruel Summer”
  20. “We could follow the sparks, I’ll drive.” —“I Think He Knows”
  21. “Meet me in the afterglow.” —“The Afterglow”
  22. “Light pink sky up on the roof, sun sinks down, no curfew.” —“It’s Nice to Have a Friend”
  23. “Starry eyes sparking up my darkest night.” —“Call It What You Want”
  24. “And we were dancing, dancing, like we’re made of starlight.” —“Starlight”
  25. “I’m shining like fireworks over your sad, empty town.” —“Dear John”
  26. “This night is sparkling, don’t you let it go.” —“Enchanted”
  27. “Wasn’t it easier in your firefly-catchin’ days?”  —“Innocent”
  28. “Hangs in the air like stars in outer space.” —“When Emma Falls in Love
  29. “There’s something ’bout the way the street looks when it’s just rained.” —“Fearless”
  30. “Friday night beneath the stars.” —“I’m Only Me When I’m With You” 
  31. “I looked at you like the stars that shine in the sky, pretty lights.” —“Mary’s Song (Oh My My My)”
  32. “He said the way my blue eyes shined put those Georgia stars to shame that night.” —“Tim McGraw”

Taylor Swift Beach Captions

  1. “I’m queen of sandcastles he destroys.” —“My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys”
  2. “Slow is the quicksand.” —“The Prophecy”
  3. “A feather taken by the wind blowing.” —“I Look in People’s Windows”
  4. “Throwing my life to the wolves or the ocean rocks.” —“Guilty as Sin?”
  5. “Building up like waves crashing over my grave.” —“Guilty as Sin?”
  6. “I’ve got some regrets, I’ll bury them in Florida.” —“Florida!!!”
  7. “And you say I abandoned the ship, but I was going down with it.” —“So Long, London”
  8. “Are we falling like snow at the beach?” —“Snow on the Beach”
  9. “Karma’s a relaxing thought.” —“Karma”
  10. “I’m like the water when your ship rolled in that night.” —“Willow”
  11. “And the coastal town we wandered ’round had never seen a love as pure as it.” —“Gold Rush”
  12. “Her saltbox house on the coast took her mind off St. Louis.” —“The Last Great American Dynasty” 
  13. “Pacing the rocks, staring out at the midnight sea.” —“The Last Great American Dynasty” 
  14. “Holiday House sat quietly on that beach.” —“The Last Great American Dynasty” 
  15. “Salt air and the rust on your door.” —“August”
  16. “Take me to the lakes where all the poets went to die.” —“The Lakes”
  17. “I lived like an island.” —“The Afterglow” 
  18. “Island breeze and lights down low.” —“… Ready for It?” 
  19. “But if I’m a thief, then he can join the heist, and we’ll move to an island.” —“… Ready for It?” 
  20. “Ocean blue eyes, lookin’ in mine.” —“Gorgeous” 
  21. “Staring at the sunset, babe.” —“Wildest Dreams”
  22. “Clear blue water, high tide came and brought you in.” —“This Love”
  23. “Loose lips sink ships all the damn time.” —“I Know Places”
  24. “Blue dress on a boat.” —“Is It Over Now?” 
  25. “A message in a bottle is all I can do, standing here, hoping it gets to you.”  —“Message in a Bottle” 
  26. “The moon like a spotlight on the lake.” —“Tim McGraw”

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