Teeny, Tiny (Room for a Bed But Not Much Else) Bedroom Decorating Tips

published Aug 28, 2015
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Can you touch one of your bedroom walls…while you’re laying in your bed (and not even stretching out all that much)? You might have a teeny tiny bedroom, the kind of small space where there’s room for a bed…and not much else. If you do (or you just like smart small space living and decorating solutions), you might find some inspiration in these bedroom decorating ideas.

Evaluate what your true needs are

Before you pick out a paint color, before you decide on the type of comforter you want, really and truly write down all the things you need a bedroom to be used for. You can strip it down to the bare essentials like a bed and a place to set your phone/alarm clock, or you can even add in some needs that are a little unconventional like maybe a place to jot your journal thoughts down in. The point is, only put in your teeny tiny bedroom the things you actually need.

Consider neutral bedding to downplay the bed

We like bold and colorful bedding as much as the next person, but when you’ve got a small space and a big bed, splashing a lot of attention-getting color and pattern will make it really feel like your bed is the only thing in the room. By choosing neutral colored bedding, or bedding that complements and maybe even blends with its surroundings, will help take the visual weight off of that spot and help your eyes see the rest of the space.

Make your flooring distinct

Related to above, you want to consider making your flooring quite bold. Not only will it catch attention and help distract from a big bed, a lot of design happening on the floor space not taken up by the bed will help make it feel like the bed isn’t taking up all the space and maybe that the floor is a bit more expansive than it actually is.

(Image credit: Alexis and Nathaniel)

Pick the smallest bed you can stand

Try and see if you can bump your mattress size down a bit smaller so physically the bed is taking up less space. But also consider things like eliminating a tall foot board and minimizing a headboard. Really consider the height of the bed in the space (too low, and it’ll feel like you’re sleeping in a closet with a mattress on the floor; too high and it’ll feel like you’re walking into a bed when you open the door). It’s about trying to minimize the visual impact your bed has in the space.

Don’t store too much under the bed

Hey in a small space, you might be hoping to reclaim as much a space as physically possible, but leaving a little air to flow under a bed will help add to the airiness of the space. The only time you want to go nuts with under-bed storage is if you literally have no room between the bed and the walls, in which case you can stuff to your heart’s content since you won’t really be seeing all that much.

Shelves up high and wall-mounted everything

A nice not-that-deep shelf can easily run along the top of the room near the ceiling to hold books, boxes, baskets and other small objects. And if you decide you need anything else in the room, from a nightstand to a small writing surface, make it wall-mounted (and if you’re really handy) fold-able.

Take advantage of a small space to try big decor tricks

There are a lot of things you can do in a small space to make it bold without having to spend a lot of money (thanks to the fewer materials you’ll need). So try that wild ceiling color or wallpaper a part of it. Have fun!