This $68 Terrain Find Will Turn Your Outdoor Space into a Glowy Wonderland

published Jun 27, 2023
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I don’t know about you, but I absolutely love to hang lights in my yard year-round. A string of inexpensive bistro lights can turn a backyard into a veritable fairyland that’s perfect for summer evening get-togethers. 

Although it seems easy enough to string some fairy lights or LED Edison bulbs in a backyard to give it an instant whimsical vibe, in reality, hanging string lights can be a little trickier than it looks. What if you have a new backyard where there aren’t any trees tall enough to string lights? Even if you do have tall trees, are they close enough together to create the perfect twinkling backdrop for your al fresco dining? Maybe you’ve recently painted and don’t want to attach any hooks to your house or garage — or maybe you aren’t allowed to if you rent. Maybe you don’t have any trees, or any “yard” really at all! Don’t worry — if you fall into any of the categories above, even if you have absolutely zero trees to work with, you can still hang little lights from above. Enter: Terrain’s Over-the-Table Rod

I’ve always known the designers over at Terrain are geniuses for creating outdoor decor that’s so darn pretty, but this product has serious problem-solving prowess, too. The idea is that you’ll install this iron rod over a table (or, perhaps, you could clip it on a balcony ledge) with the help of clamps that screw tight on either side, making it so that lights, or any other decor you can wrap, can be aloft overhead. 

The rod comes in two finishes, black and gold, so you can easily match it to your outdoor decor, and here’s another huge bonus: It’s priced at $68, which is a lot less expensive than planting some new trees where you can hang your lights. (And a lot faster than those DIY planters with rods for string lights, although those are adorable too.) The Terrain option is adjustable and works on tables from 55 to 98 inches long, so you’ve got a lot of flexibility.

Credit: Terrain

Best yet, this adjustable rod can be used for more than just lights, and you can bring it indoors if you have a fancy soirée (and tall ceilings). Hang a potted plant or stained glass art from it, put a mini chandelier in the center, put garlands on it that correspond to different seasons and holidays, or weave flowers all over it to create a decor piece worthy of a florist’s shop window. 

Get ready to gather up those garlands, dried flowers, and fairy lights! Here are AT’s picks for the best outdoor string lights for your sparkling setup.

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