This Service Allows You to Swap Homes Like in ‘The Holiday’

published Jan 3, 2019
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(Image credit: ©Columbia Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection)

There’s a website that allows you a temporary escape by swapping homes with a stranger—and it could be the getaway you’ve been looking for.

Like the 2006 romcom “The Holiday,” Love Home Swap lets users list their homes and then browse through others to swap. If you’re going through a rut and need a quick change of scenery, or just want to escape your comfort zone and try something new, this might be an oddly simple solution.

Here’s how the home-swapping works: First, users filter down the results to find the home they desire—from the ideal location to the style of the property. Then, they list their own property with a short description and a few photos to give a sneak peek. After that, the user can message whichever homes they desire to start arranging a swap. It’s that simple!

Members of the service pay an annual fee of $240, and in return, have unlimited access to swapping homes or lending their home in exchange for points that can be redeemed at a later date. Users have praised Love Home Swap for making vacationing easier by eliminating lodging costs and allowing for more flexibility.

Families in particular have raved about the service and its convenience for travelers with kids. One user spoke of her experience, “Love Home Swap has afforded us the possibility to stay in other child-friendly homes where there’s enough space to have fun and burn some energy and where there are ‘new’ toys to play with.”

While there’s no promise that you’ll fall madly in love like Amanda and Iris, they can guarantee a wildly unique travel experience. With more members signing up each day, a weekend stay at a cozy cottage in Surrey, England, is a simple click away.